Weber Summit 7470001 S 670 Natural Gas Grill Review

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weber summit s 670

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The Weber Summit S series, including Weber Summit 7470001 S 670 Natural Gas Grill is just like what a dream is made of for you who literally love grilling. The natural grills are totally stainless steel which is equipped with top features, a gorgeous and elegant appearance, and also the power to support all of it.

The Weber Summit S 670 is no exception when it comes to those superiorities. The features equipped in the natural gas grill will make every single grilling lovers drool. The Weber S 670 is full with almost every feature that you can think of. It can be said that this natural grill is the ultimate of Weber.

In this review, we will talk about the description, features, specifications, dimensions, and more useful information about the natural gas grill. Here is the complete review.

About the Weber Summit S 670

The Weber S670 Grill represents the best of what the Weber offers. It is an attractive and big natural gas grill. What you will be able to get when you purchase the Weber S670 is a six-burner, 60.000 BTU gas grill that is equipped with an 8.000 BTU smoker box burner, 12.000 BTU side burner, 10.600 sear burner, and also a full system of rotisserie which include rear-mounted 10,6000 infrared rotisserie burner. Weber produces a grill which is capable of producing significant heat for less fuel as well as giving a professional level of even heat for both grilling and cooking.

The Weber S670 Natural gas grill allows you to do almost every single thing that you want to do with a natural gas grill. From grilling a steak until cooking a turkey.

The natural gas grill is completed with a handle that is mounted. The battery-powered grill light is more about gimmick rather than practical. If you wish for a grill light that is capable of telling you where the chops are, the battery-powered grill light will do it for you. But if you require the one which will tell you the change of color on shrimps, you will probably find it hard to see it with the grill light. It is an interesting feature and the only real gimmick equipped to the Weber 670 Summit grill.

The Weber Grill Summit S670 has the system of Weber’s tuck-away rotisserie which installs the motor on a drop-down platform on the side table. So that it will give you rooms to save forks and rods inside the cabinet.

Overall, it is an amazing natural gas grill. Even people who do not really like Weber find it hard to hate this Weber S670 grill. If you really love grilling and wish for a great and durable natural gas grill that can last for a long time, then this unit is a perfect option for you.

The Features of the Weber Summit 7470001

The next review is about the features of the Weber 670. As it is said before, almost all of the grill features are found in the Weber Summit S670. This natural gas grill got almost all top grill features.

There are 10 burners in total which include a side burner, rotisserie burner, sear burner, smoke burner as a part of the smoker box, and also 6 primary burners. Each of the 6 primary burners produces 10.000 BTU. The system of six-burner gives a perfect grilling even over 624 inches of grilling spaces. Moreover, the Summit S 670 natural gas grill is also featured with a rear-mounted rotisserie burner.

Another great feature of this natural gas grill is that it is designed to be efficient in fuel in the use of liquid propane or natural gas. It is because the valves and burners of the Weber 7470001 grill give a proper BTU input in order to quickly reach high temperatures of grilling.

No matter which features you are going to use, the Weber S670grill will be able to grill and cook your foods evenly. The high-quality materials and skills which are featured in the outer box and cooking surface accentuate the perfect grilling and cooking that is provided by the natural gas grill.

What makes the Weber Summit 670 outstanding among other grills in the market is its thin size. The cooking space, added with extra storage and preparation, creating an incredible grilling experience. Especially for you who love to hold barbeque parties or just simply love grilling regularly.

If you grill only for your lovely one or small family, you are able to use the single burner or turn the side burner on. Or, another alternative is you can use the smoker in order to make an easy dinner regardless of the number of persons you are cooking for.

The Weber Summit S 670 is totally made from the stainless steel material. It makes the grill looks modern and elegant as well as able to last longer for a long time. The Weber uses the high grade 304 stainless steel material instead of 430 stainless steel material which is less durable. The 430 stainless steel material is beneficial in pressing the cost but it is not better in handling the heat. Most grills use 430 stainless steel material when the main material is steel.

Moreover, the natural gas grill is covered with a 10-year warranty. But the warranty does not include wear and tear. So that if you take care of the grill properly and do regular covering and cleaning, you will probably never need to use the warranty provided.

The Specifications and Dimensions of the Weber S670 Natural Gas Grill

The next review will be the specifications and dimensions of the natural gas grill. This will help you to get a better consideration of the grill.

Grilling Space: The Weber S670 provides 624 inches of the main cooking and grilling space. Extra space of 145 inches is added in the form of a tuck-away warming rack. So that there are 769 inches in total for cooking and grilling space.
Grates: the cooking grates are in 9mm diameter that is made from a stainless steel material.
Burners: 6 burners which are also made from a stainless steel material is available.
Availability of color: the natural gas grill is only available in the natural color of stainless steel material.
Dimensions with the lid opened: 1” H x 74.1” W x 30” D—50.5” H with the lid closed
Heating power primary burners: 60.000 BTU per hour
Additional grilling features: a sear station burner, a side burner, and a rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner.
Guarantee: 10-year guarantee. Wear and tear is not included in the guarantee.

The Pros

Below are the pros of the Summit 670 grill:

  1. The primary burners which are made from a stainless steel material are able to produce high and even heat.
  2. The grill is totally functional as well as the sear station burner, infrared rotisserie burner, smoker box, and also side burner.
  3. The construction is high quality.
  4. The stainless steel finishing is brushed so that it will not easily show marks.
  5. The Weber S670 grill comes with a warranty and support from the manufacturer so that you do not have to be worried if there is something wrong with the natural gas grill. However, the warranty does not cover wear and tear.
  6. High grade of stainless steel material is used so that the grill has great durability. The stainless steel material also puts the natural gas grill in an elegant and modern look.

The Cons

Just like other things, the advantages of the gas grill also comes with the disadvantages. Here are the cons of the Weber 670 Summit Grill:

There is air ventilation on top of the control panel which tends to let rainwater in if you do not regularly use the grill cover.

  1. The utility of the handle light is not really useful and practical. As it is said before, you will probably find it hard to see the change of color of the ingredients you grill with the battery-powered light. But if you just need the one that can tell you where the meat is, the feature will be enough.
  2. One of the cons that probably everyone agrees with is the price. This natural gas grill is sold at a pretty expensive price. The grill got almost every grilling feature that you need and want, but it comes with a pricey price tag. Some of you will think so and some others will probably think the price is reasonable, remembering all of the advanced features equipped in the grill. If you are looking for a natural gas grill that is worth for investment, it is worth to consider Weber 7470001.

Consumer Ratings

Considering that Weber Grill Summit S 670 has many advantages and also many customers love it and have good experiences, we will give around 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. So, it can be said that the users of this natural gas grill are mostly satisfied with it. The positive testimonies are way more than the negative ones. The natural gas grill is the top product in the lines so that the customers expect the best not only from the product but also from the services, shipping, and also assembly.

The Price of the Summit 670 Natural Gas Grill

As it has been said before, some people might find this grill product expensive and some others might find the price is reasonable. It depends on every single one’s financial ability. But given the sophisticated grilling and cooking features of this natural gas grill that you can enjoy, the price is reasonably worth.

Moreover, you will likely to get different prices on different online shop platforms. So, you are able to look for the one that offers special discounts or special offerings in order to get the Summit 670 grill more affordable.

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Overall, the Weber S6670 natural gas grill is an incredible natural gas grill. You will be amazed by what this grill can do, especially if you literally love grilling. If you look on the internet, you will find more positive reviews about the grill product than the negative ones. Moreover, the negative testimonies are more about the customer services rather than the natural gas grill itself.

It is a six-burner with quite many additional cooking and grilling features which are useful and beneficial. The features are including the rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner, side burner, sear station burner, and also smoke burner.

The natural gas grill is designed to be efficient in fuel. So that you as the user will be able to use less natural gas or liquid propane as the fuel. Whether you grill for a small number of persons or hold a big barbeque party, this grill product will do the job.

The additional grilling features will help you to serve fantastic grilling. No matter what you choose, the features are all useful to be used. High-grade stainless steel material that makes it looks elegant and gorgeous. The material used also delivers great durability to the grill.

One of the issues that will likely to appear about the Summit 670 grill is probably the price. You probably already can guess the price of such a grill that gives so many benefits and useful features. However, if you would like to invest in a natural gas grill, for example, your business needs a great and durable grill, it is really worth it to consider purchasing this natural gas grill product. Do not let a price tag scares you to have a long-period investment. So, are you interested to have this Weber S670 grill?

Weber Summit 7470001 S 670 Natural Gas Grill review

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