Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill Review

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Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill

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Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill will always become our favorite grill from Weber. The design, its performance as well as the features allow us to use it for many things. In short, we have more freedom to grill and cook many recipes using this product.

If you also interest in this product, we think you should understand more about what you can get from this product. So, here is our review for Weber Spirit E330.

The Design

Compared to the other series, Spirit E330 design is more compact. We don’t talk about the size, but the appearance.

Weber adds a compact design on the lower part of the unit, where they put the propane gas tank as the fuel for operating this unit. On this product, we don’t see the open and exposed part.

It gives this unit more elegant and neat look, which is a good thing when you use it for a party or keep Weber E 330 spirit in your room.

The appearance isn’t the only thing we like about Weber Spirit E330 design. The functionality design is also another amazing thing about this product.

First of all is the button and knob. We like it that Weber place on the front side. We also can easily read the information about each button function. The button of this Weber Spirit E330 Grill is also easy to operate.  

The Side Burner

One of our favorite features of Weber Spirit E330 is the side burner. This feature allows us to use it to cook differently, not only grilling. We can use it to deep-fried and even make soup.

Of course, if we are going to make BBQ sauce, this side burner also comes as the best solution. This is maybe one of the best addition we have ever seen in a grill unit on the market. 

Built-in Warming Rack

We also like the warming rack. It’s simple addition in this Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill. it is easier to prepare the ingredient we are going to grill or to keep the finished one and making the space for other ingredients.

Moreover, we also can move it around inside the grilling area. it is specially designed with the handle that we can change its location freely.

Big Cooking Area

Right below the warming rack, you will find the big cooking area you can use. 529 inches square of the area is wide enough to put many kinds of ingredients, from meat, corn, onion, and anything that you want to grill. This Weber E 330 Spirit cooking area is one of the biggest among Spirit series.

However, when we use it for the first time, there is one thing that we concerned about. The big cooking area like this will need a more powerful burner to cook all the ingredients. Fortunately, Weber Spirit E330 has what it need to provide perfect cooking with its burner feature. Let’s take a look at them.

The Burners

There are three types of burners in Weber Spirit E330 LP. The main burner is made of stainless steel, which is cheaper, but from our perspective, it’s effective for raising the heat.

Weber uses three main burners that produce 10,600 BTU each. What we like about this main burner is it doesn’t have too much useless part, which makes it easier to cook the ingredient.

The other two are the side burner and sear burner. There is only one side burner with the power of 12,000 BTU.

It is a good addition, but we think it would be better, if Weber adds more burner, to ensure that the ingredient can be grilled evenly from all the side.

With just one side, we have to flip the ingredient often to cook it. it’s no problem, but maybe this is a little flaw of Spirit E330. 

Then, here is our favorite burner, the sear burner. it doesn’t produce too much power. It is just 7,500 BTU. Despite that low power, the sear burner adds enough extra heat to increase the temperature inside the cooking area. it’s not much.

But, we can easily see this sear burner as one of the best features of Weber Spirit E330. Plus, you also can adjust how much power it produces by using the knob/button on the front side.

We never realized before actually using the greatness of the burner location Weber designed for Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill.

The other Spirit grill uses the left to right placement for the burners. It means the control knobs are located on the right side of the cooking area. It won’t be a problem if you get used to with this design.

But, once you feel how easy to use the design that Weber Spirit E330 grill has, you will know that Weber did a great job to change its design.

Unlike other Spirit grill, Weber Spirit E330 LP use the different location for the burner. it uses the front to back burner location.

This is maybe simple changes. However, this design allows Weber to put the control knob on the front side as we mentioned on the design part above. And, it changes a lot of its functionality.

With the front-side control knob, Spirit E330 can be operated much easier. We don’t need to go around to the side of the grill to control the heat. Just standing on the front side, and we can adjust the heat while grilling the ingredients. It saves our time and it’s easier. 

That’s not all. As you can see on Weber E 330 Spirit designs, Weber now can put the extra feature on the right and left side. The previous model doesn’t have this kind of feature or has limited space to add an extra feature like this.

So, with just this simple change of burner placement, Weber Spirit E330 LP gets more value than other models.

The Propane Tank Feature

Like we mentioned in the first part of our review, we like how Weber design Weber Spirit E330 LP Black grill with the covered propane tank area.

We just need to put it inside this area and don’t need to worry about it. However, we have to admit that installing the propane gas tank is difficult.

Weber Spirit E330 grill doesn’t use the lie-down type of propane gas tank area. We have to hang the propane gas tank on the special hanger that you can find inside this propane gas tank area.

This is what makes it difficult to do, especially if you want to install the full propane gas tank. It’s heavy.

Moreover, if you are not carefully hanging it on the special hanger, it can injure your finger. But, if you carefully put it, you won’t have any problem to use Weber Spirit E330 grill.

Even though the propane gas tank installation is difficult to do, but it is much easier to connect it to the gas pipe. With just a simple click, and you can finish it in no time.

We also like the Fuel Gauge design. It is easy to read and notice, whether the tank is still full or empty. With icon and indicator light, you will know when you have to change the tank before you use this Weber E 330 Spirit model.

The Materials

The material used for the exterior part of Weber Spirit E330 is stainless steel. It’s a lightweight and durable material. But, we have to admit that this material looks cheaper, compared to other product from a different brand and even the other product in Spirit series. 

Many reviews point out this part as one of the flaws of Spirit E330. But, for us, we can see it as a reasonable way for Weber to provide the affordable grill unit. Moreover, it still works well, even though we use it for a long time. So, the material won’t be a problem. But, if you are the person that picky about it, you may have to choose other series, even though the price is more expensive than Weber Spirit E330 LP. 

The outer stainless steel material maybe isn’t too satisfying. But, when we look at the grates, we feel glad and satisfied with its material. The Weber Spirit E330 use different materials. Weber is surely using a better approach for this part by using the porcelain-enameled steel and cast-iron cooking grates. Why this material is much better than the common stainless steel for the outer part?

We found out that the porcelain-enameled steel won’t affect the taste of your grilled ingredient. This is an important feature on Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill, at least for us. We don’t like our food taste like iron that we usually got from other grills. So, this unique and safer material is a perfect solution for this matter. 

Weber doesn’t only use porcelain-enameled steel for the grates. The lid part of Spirit E330 also uses similar material. The effect is great. With this material, it can cover the cooking area much better, so it can keep the heat much longer to make your ingredient warmer. Moreover, it also helps you to cook the ingredient until its inner part. It’s useful if you plan to grill a well-done steak using this Weber Spirit E330 grill.

The material also makes the lid last longer than usual. This is an important thing because the inner side of the lid contacts a lot with the ingredient and the heat from the burner. Without proper material, it can easily get too much damage and can’t last long. So, how Weber uses this unique material on Weber E 330 spirit is one of the best innovations we like to appreciate in this review.

The Lid

The lid has an enclosed design which provides good heat retention as we mentioned above. Moreover, the design is easy to use. The handle location helps you to open and close it easily. We like how they make it heavy duty. It saves us a lot of money for replacing the Weber Spirit E330 lid. It last longer and keep its beautiful design for a longer time than usual.

On the top part of the lid, you also can see a small but easy to read built-in thermometer. This is a nice addition; especially it’s on the top and front side of Spirit E330 lid. With the control knob for adjusting the heat located in front side, you can easily use it while reading the thermometer to see the perfect heat to cook your ingredients. 

Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill Dimension

The dimension of Weber Spirit E330 LP Black grill isn’t too big. It’s only 32.3 x 25.6 x 24.2 inches. This small size makes it easy to move around. Even though it has a small size, the area where you can cook as well as the propane gas tank area is quite big. So, Weber Spirit E330 LP can hold more ingredients and a bigger tank for more gas you can use to cook.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple and easy to use design,
  • Very durable,
  • Three burners for perfect grilling,
  • Side burner for extra cooking,
  • Porcelain-enameled steel grates that won’t affect the food taste,
  • Big cooking area,
  • Front side control knob.


  • Propane gas tank difficult installation process,
  • Cheap aluminum outer material.

Consumer Ratings

Many people feel satisfied with the design as well as the performance of Weber Spirit E330 grill. Mostly, they are satisfied with the price they have to pay for the performance and features that they get from this product. Overall, most users give a good response after they use Weber E 330 Spirit.


Comparing the feature and performance that Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill has with the price; we can say that it’s quite expensive. However, after we look at a similar product in the same class as Weber Spirit E330 LP, this price is affordable and reasonable.

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Weber has successfully created affordable and rich-features griller with Weber Spirit E330. This unit will give you anything that you need whenever you want to have a BBQ party or grilling some meat. Features, performance, and price are satisfying.

Weber Spirit E330 LP Black Grill

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