Weber Genesis II E 330 61032001 Gas Grill Review

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Weber Genesis II E 330 61032001

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Speaking about grilling, Weber Genesis II E 330 61032001 Gas Grill might be the one that you need.

As you all know, when you have a backyard, nothing better than having a barbeque time with your family members. Not to mention, holding a barbeque party will make your relationship with your family members and friends become a lot closer than before.

Hence, to be able to have a great barbeque party, all you need to have is the best grill. Some people may say that it does not matter what kind of grill you have, as long as they can gather and talk to each other.

Well, it obviously matters what kind of grill you have as good food will make a good memory. Therefore, if you want to know a few things about the review of Weber Genesis II E 330, then you have to keep on reading this article.

Product Description

For your information, Weber Genesis II E 330 is a kind of grill that comes in two styles. The first style is liquid propane and the second one is natural gas.

This grill comes in four bold colors along with unrivaled grilling performance. Not only that but this Genesis II grill has many features that can meet your expectations in grilling your favorite ingredients.

The unrivaled grilling performance and upgraded features include the sear station and side burner that can help you improve your food better and tastier.

Whether you have a wide backyard or small backyard, you can use this Genesis grill from Weber as they can guarantee that their grill can be used in any kind of backyard.

Not only that, but you also do not have to worry about the fire as the fire in this grill can be ignited easily. This grill also has a great and ultimate heat distribution. Because of that reason, you will also be able to get the heavenly smokey flavor on your foods every time you use this grill.

Furthermore, this grill has a great grease management system that can prevent from having a flare up.

There are three kinds of things that you can get when you buy this grill. The first one is the cover for the grill when you are not using it, the second one is the iGrill 3 app to monitor your foods’ temperature, and the last one is the griddle to sauté your veggies or simmer the BBQ sauce.

Also, you will be able to get a 10-year warranty and lifetime of customer support straight from Weber.

Weber Genesis II E 330’s Product Features

Speaking about features, let’s start to review them, shall we?

Superior Heat Retention

The first feature that you can get from Weber Genesis II E 330 is the superior heat retention.
For your information, this grill has a porcelain-enameled lid. This lid can retain heat.

Not only that but this Genesis grill is made from high-quality material that can protect the grill from the elements.

Even Grilling

Not only this Weber Grill Genesis 330 has superior heat retention, but this grill will also be able to give you an even grilling when you use the grill.

As we have stated before, this Genesis grill has a porcelain-enameled lid. Not only the lid, but this grill also has porcelain-enameled and cast-iron cooking grates.

These grates will be the ones that provide an even heat distribution across the entire grilling surface and also the superior heat retention

Sauté Or Simmer

The third feature that you need to know about this Genesis grill is that this grill has a side burner that can be used for two ways of cooking.

You can use the sider burner to simmer the BBQ sauce and you can also use it to sauté the vegetables. While you are doing that, you can grill the main course under the lid.

Quick Sear Marks

The fourth feature that you can get from this Weber grill is the availability of the quick sear marks. For your information, this grill has a sear station.

What is the function? This sear station is designed specifically to create an intense heat zone. This way, your meat will be able to have sear marks quickly.

Grilling Your Food Perfectly

The fifth feature that you can get from this Weber grill is how you can grill your food perfectly.

The reason why you can do or get this feature is thanks to the iGrill 3 app-connected thermometer. This app will monitor your food right from the beginning until the end.

The iGrill 3 app will be displaying a real-time temperature on your mobile device so you can check on your food.

Fuel Level

The next feature that you can get from this Weber Genesis II E 330 grill is the fuel level.

Fortunately, when you are using this Weber grill, you will be able to view the fuel level that is located next to the gas tank. Do not worry because the fuel level is very easy to read.

Why this is important? The reason is that by seeing the fuel level, you will be able to know how much fuel is left in the tank.

However, do keep in mind that this feature is for LP only.

Always Warm

The next feature that you can get from this Weber Genesis ii 330 is that this grill can always make your food feels warm.

There will be times when you are not done in grilling the main course but the side dishes are already done. This will result in you eating a nice and warm main course but with rather cold side dishes.

However, with this Weber grill, it will be able to keep your food warm such as toasts buns or veggies while you are waiting for the main course to finish grilling on the grate.

Then, when you are done, you can just fold it down and keep in storage. Very easy to use, right?

Easy Accessibility of the Grilling Tools

The last feature that you can get from this Weber Genesis II E330 is the easy access on the grilling tools.

Nothing better than having a product that makes it easier for you to do a lot of things. Along with other great features and benefits, this Weber grill can also provide you with easy accessibility to the grilling tools.

How? This grill is actually featured a sleek-open cart design. Hence, this open cart will give you easy access to grilling tools.

Weber Genesis II E 330’s Product Dimensions

This grill is about 62 inches tall while having the wide around 59 inches and 31 inches deep. This dimension is rather average compared to another gas grill.

Having this dimension makes Weber 610320001 will fit easily in your homes such as swimming area, garage, or your garden.

In addition, with the dimensions, Genesis E 330 Grill has quite cooking areas. The specifications are as follows: the primary cooking area around 507 square inches and warming rack are around 130 square inches. Therefore, it will have total cooking area around 637 square inches.

It features open cart design which means it has open lids on it. With those wide total cooking area, you can do additional cooking while grilling. It is also because the side burner features 12,000 BTU per hour.

Placing it in the swimming area is a good idea since you can throw a party while having fun with your friends and colleagues.


As for people who give a review for Weber Grill 330, there are some advantages which can be concluded.

  • The first is the product can cook and sear food deliciously and beautifully.
  • Besides, the design of the burners is so good so the users do not have any complaint on that.
  • The burners are good for indirect cooking as well. Not many grills have such a feature.
  • The product also gives additional space below the grills and on the side of the tables which make it easier and more comfortable to cook.
  • In addition, many people find the assembly to be uncomplicated and quick although most of the parts came un-assembled.
  • The price, according to the users, is also reasonable for a product who has such features, qualities, and specifications.


Compared to the advantages, there are only a few people who find any disadvantages for this product.

  • The first is the stainless material. Some people find that it tends to be rusty. However, it can be prevented by doing proper care and cleaning. Otherwise, there are no big issues that can be found on this product.
  • In addition to the material, some people also are not happy with the assembly part. It is because they may find it difficult to assemble the parts. However, it is not entirely true since the instructions are in detail. It should take around 1 to 2 hours for a non-expert to assemble the grill. Besides, you can also contact the customer support for asking the assembly expert so you will have no issue about assembling the grill.
  • Overall, the cons or disadvantages of the product are so minimum. Only a few people find difficulties and disadvantages.

Weber Genesis II E 330’s Consumer Ratings

Among the users, Weber Grill E330 is given well-rated and reviews.

As has been stated in the advantages section, the users are satisfied enough with the feature and what the product can do.

You can almost barbecue anything using this product and get nothing but well-cooked, delicious, and tasty food.

Most of the units are shipped in pre-assembled, meaning that the assembly time can be done more quickly. You do not have to assemble the grills from zero.

People also commented about how cheap this product compared to any other brands. Although it is cheaper, it still gives excellent grilling quality which will not let you down.

Thus, this product is recommended for you who look for the outdoor smoker. If you are a type of person who often uses your smoker, this is the best product for you. This is an excellent choice yet wise for a gas grill that can be bought at a reasonable price.

Weber Genesis II E 330’s Price

Since it offers many features, specifications, and qualities, 610320001 is not cheap but it is rather a reasonable price.

>>Click here to check the price.<<

You can get the product in two ways: Visit your local store or purchase it online. Whatever your choice is, you need to consider the warranty and make sure that the product does not have any defect since that chance is you are given the opportunity to inspect the product before purchasing.

The actual price may indeed vary. However, the differences also lie in added services such as delivery, warranty, and any additional items for the products.

If you want it to be delivered and buy any of its additional items, the price will obviously be different. You have to make sure to check those things before deciding to buy the product. In addition, you will probably get a sale discount if you buy it right before the grilling season.

Thus, you should check any available market whether it is online or not to compare the price so you can get the lowest price of the product.

Weber Genesis II E 330’s Summary

To sum up, this grill product provides you with incredible and magnificent features. From the mentioned dimensions, it provides the primary cooking area and secondary cooking area.

With these total cooking area, you can do additional cooking while barbecuing food you like. The product also has side burners and additional space to make cooking easier and more comfortable.

In addition, each burner has its own electronic ignition to make it even easier to operate. 

The stainless steel-made is also worth your concern. You need to have it cleaned regularly so your product will not get rusty.

Besides, the cons and disadvantages of the products are outnumbered by the pros and the advantages.

The color variants are also satisfying as well as its price. Although the price is not cheap, the product is worth your attention since it gives the best feature compared to any other grills. 

The grill will make your party and cooking easier.

Weber Genesis II E 330 61032001 Gas Grill Review

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