Weber 65010001 Genesis II E-210 Natural Gas Grill Review

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Weber Genesis II E 210

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Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill is a grill with GS4 technology. Before it is launched to public, it was doubted that this technology would be really brought by this product or not. Some people even said that the rumor was no more than a gimmick to pump up the rating. In the day it is launched, those doubts are officially gone. In fact, this device has GS4 technology. The arrival of this product improves the features of its predecessors.

Product Description

GS4 that exist in this product is considered to be a new grill barometer. The BBQ tools have to have this feature to make the party perfect. The idea of the GS4 improvements comes from more than 30 years experience in grilling. Backyard party lovers also give reviews. The grilling community and the expertise in culinary also give their opinion. Based on those opinions, plus the consideration of the product designer on what people need in grilling, GS4 technology is finally created. GS4 stands for ‘grilling system’ with four improvements over the grease management system, convenience Flavorizer bars, great performance burners and the infinity ignition.

The GS4 equipment is promised to give different good work. That will make us satisfied because you will get 4 benefits from one product. Generally, here are GS4 could give: ignition every time you want (easy to turn it on, no more screaming or assistance by other people. You could light it up by yourself), consistently smoke the food wherever you put it on (on the middle of the grate, or a little bit nearby the edge, it is the same), and so easy to clean up. But, as the product promised, the cleaning activity will not be a problem anymore. All you need to do is, worry free, and enjoy the togetherness.

The main material of this product is high quality stainless steel for the burners. For the flavorizer bars, they are made from stainless steel that is enameled with porcelain. The grate is made from iron that is also enameled with porcelain. To make you more comfortable to move it wherever you want, the wheels are integrated at the bottom. The two knobs set in the front so you can turn it on and turn it off easily. The interior design is gorgeous with stainless steel based which gives classy ambience.

The Features Of Weber Genesis II E 210

This grill comes with many breakthroughs that give a great experience in patio party or barbeque party. The designer and the producer of the product work seriously on the good quality. This product is one of that serious consideration results. The pleasure of the users is important. Your favorite foods will be well served with this product because of the great features on the burning system. The followings are the breakthroughs details:

  • Breakthrough On Flavorizer Bars

When grilling meat, some components of the meat are separated and drip on to the lower part of the grate. The first part bellow the grate is the Flavorizer Bars. The things are usually more like broth. The broth is the vaporized by the heat and spread to the locked shelf. It makes the meat is even tasteful and strengthen the original taste. That is why the first bars right bellow the grate is called flavorizer bars. But, not all the liquid from the meat are the good broth, some of them are just the fat.

  • System Of The Grease Management

The residue that is not vaporized by the heat will drip on to the lower bars. That is the place where the grease will go away. By having this bar, the unwanted grease is collected there and easy to remove. Related to the ‘easy cleaning’ features, this bars is the strong reason why this product is easy to clean. When you use the ordinary grill, the grease and the broth just drip directly on to the burners. You just waste away the useful broth that actually could make the meat tastier at once you make the burners going to be easy to be rusted. The grease and the fat will make a thick stain on the burners and hard to clean. Besides, the grease that drips directly to the burner could make a dangerous flare up. With the breakthrough on the grease management, the residue of the grilled meat will not be a problem.

  • Great Ignition

The ignition is promised to be ready for 24 hours. It means that when you feel like you want to cook in a random time, all you need to do is turn the knob on. This usually happens when the sudden event comes for example: you got promoted on your job and you want to celebrate it with your closed friends by throwing a small backyard party, you don’t have to prepare that much, just put the meat on the grate and let the Weber product do the rest. You can enjoy the time without worry while waiting for the meat done. The product is equipped with the iGrill controlling system. It uses Bluetooth temperature display system and it can be connected to your Smartphone using Bluetooth connection.

  • Excellent Burners

Weber genesis II E 210 gas grill deserves to get this predicate because the burners give the same heat on every inch of the surface. You can put the meat here or there on the grate, and it will be grilled similarly. The cover of the grate also helps the heat to be spread to the whole meat.

Those four systems are the reason of the product to be an excellent grill. From the preparation of the food, the simple operating knob, the management system of the grease and broth, the Bluetooth control system are making the Weber sophisticated and leads the patio party cooking stuff. Choosing Weber is definitely a wise decision.

Out of the four features above, there are still a lot more features that maybe you haven’t noticed. The grates are made from iron that is enameled with porcelain. The grates are reversible. If you make a cuisine that needs an extra heat to make the object more cooked or ripe, just reverse the grates. This facility could give you more idea on cooking. The limited facility usually hampers great idea on cooking a new recipe. Now with the easy reversible grates, one of the obstacles is officially erased. The other side is made to be thinner than the main grates. It is compatible for small sized food and delicate like shrimp, cuttle and etc.

Other Product Features

  • Open Design

The design of the lowest cabinet is an opened one. It is different from its predecessor. The advantage of the open cart is the wider area for putting stuffs and easy to access. Compare to the close cart, you have to open and close the device door to access the things you put in.

  • Additional Folding Tables

On each sides of this grill device (both left and right), there is a table to put stuffs like platters, bowls for seasoning, ketchup bottle, all you need for grill with easy access. No need to grab separated table to put those stuffs. When you’ve done with the stuff, just fold it down to save the space.

  • Integrated Hooks

When you are in the backyard party, sometimes you are confused to put the tools like brush, spatula and other long stuffs. With Weber grill, you can put the stuffs on the hooks. It lies on the edge of the foldable table. You could hang the important utensils that cannot be missed in grilling activity. It saves more space even for small place.

  • The Unique Rack

On the main grill, there is a higher and smaller rack called ‘tucked-away warming rack’. It is a small additional rack that can be used to warm food or toast something there such as hot dog buns. Do you think that this thing will bother when you don’t need it? One time you don’t need this additional rack, just fold it. Many reviews say that the foldable and portable features make the time and space more effective.

  • The Sophisticated iGrill3

iGrill3 is ready to use in this device. It allows you to supervise the temperature of the foods through the Bluetooth connectivity. It also allows you to supervise the volume of the fuel. All the supervision activity will be in the screen display on your Smartphone. To use it, you need to download the Weber iGrill3 application. To connect the food to the iGrill3 receiver, it needs additional probes (you can buy it separately). The iGrill3 Bluetooth compatible smart phones are: iPhone 4S (and the later generation), ipad 3rd (and the later generation), all iPad mini, Android devices that run minimum version 4.3 which have Bluetooth 4.

The Product’s Dimension

This product has comfortable size that is exactly 45 x 47 x 29 inches. When the size of the product comes with that dimension, it is usually very heavy to carry. But the weight is only 64 pounds. Moreover, there are wheels that make you even easier to slide over to the spot that you want. The dimension of the cooking grates is 380 inches. It is enough to accommodate about 24 burger meats in one time grilling. The additional rack above the main grate is 114 inches.

Pros and Cons of Weber 65010001

The Pros

  1. It Is Easy To Be Assembled
    Once you get the product in your hand, you will be able to assemble the parts. The parts are not that complicated. In a very effective time, you can finish on putting the part together. The product also comes with the understandable and brief manual instruction.
  2. Clean Easily
    The grease management system really helps this lot.
  3. Great Grates
    The very notable feature of the product is the reversible design. It allows you to cook more variable recipe. It lets you to have a great experiment in cooking.
  4. 10 Years Warranty
    Its a promising after sales with this long time warranty.

The Cons

Although there are pros or good side about the product, there are also cons of the product as follows:

  1. It Is Too Bulky
    With the dimension of the grilling surface 380 inches, this device is categorized to be a small grill. But the whole dimension doesn’t reflect it.
  2. Thin Shelf
    The shelf is made from stainless steel. It makes consumers so happy. But some consumers also have complaints about the material that is flimsy. Easily to get a dent is the biggest problem of the shelf.

Consumer Rating

Clearly, this product has both good and bad sides. But sometimes, those good and bad sides are not absolute truths. Those opinions come from different people with different needs. If you can place this product as what you need, you make an excellent choice. In fact, based on consumers’ reviews, this products still leads the rating among the same products from different brand.


With all the excellent features, Weber Genesis II E 210 Grill is offered to you with very reasonable price. The price already fits the product. Some reviews also say that people love to have this grill with the price offered.

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Weber 65010001 with double burners is suitable for small family. For party or gathering with the grilled food as the main food, it is good for no more than 50 guests. For a bigger party with grilled food as the secondary cuisine, it will be fine. The warranty and the reputable brand aare the strong foundation of this product.

Weber 65010001 Genesis II E-210 Natural Gas Grill Review


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