Weber 61010001 Genesis II E 310 Review

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weber 61010001 genesis ii e 310

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Weber is a brand for modern grills and accessories that has been famous enough. Sure, there are many series released up to current days. One of them is Weber 61010001 Genesis II E 310.

So, how is the product’s description as well as the performance? Well, you can continue to read the review below.

Product Description

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E310 is one of the featured products from Weber. The design is undeniably stunning and compact.

It looks modern and even futuristic seen from the outer part of the body that tends to be sleek and glossy. Of course, the grill is made from stainless steel with a porcelain enameled surface. It is mainly in the area of flavorizer bar.

The product is also not only about the grill. It is basically a grilling system consists of some parts. They are the burners, grill’s knobs, a simple rack, and more. They are arranged well in a table with wheels.

This way, the product can be much easier to move here and there as you want. Moreover, it is generally quite lightweight and portable. So, in case you need to lift or store the grill. It is easy and doesn’t spend too much space.

Weber Genesis II E 310’s Product Features

There are some new features in Weber 61010001 Genesis II E 310 that may satisfy you. Based on the review, those features have not still been added to the previous series anyway.

Meanwhile, the old features are still there including porcelain enameled cast. What are the primary and most important features of the product?

High Performance Stainless Steel Burners

The grilling system from Weber 61010001 Genesis II E 310 is qualified enough. It is one of the features maintained from the previous products.

It is the three stainless steel burners layered by porcelain enameled Flavorized Bars.

On the part also, there is the new grease management system that reduces some risks like the flare ups. The combination of those materials tend to make the grill is easier to clean

After the usage, you only need to wipe the surface using a rug. But sure, if you want them to be completely clean, sprinkling drops of water is enough.

More Cooking Space

Compared to other grilling system products on its class, this Weber series is larger. It enables the users to grill more ingredients on it.

The cast iron cooking grates have 513 square inches for space. Material used for this part is iron cast covered by the porcelain enamel.

The combination is great to make the cooking process much faster.
Besides, certain ingredients like meat tend to be cooked well more thoroughly with it.

The porcelain enamel itself has been well-known as a sort of anti sticky materials for a long time. There is no any dangerous substance in it, making it safer even if you cook it in very high temperature. The meat and other ingredients will be juicier and healthier at once.

Safer Gas System

The most dangerous and risky matter about a grilling system is about the gas. There are many cases of fire, whether they are big or small, around. Based on that fact, it is not exaggerating if you must aware of the gas system in any kitchen stove products you have.

The Genesis II E310 series features Infinity Ignition to make sure that the gas completely turns on or off by turning the knob. You can also simply manage the heat with it more accurately.

Traditionally, you may need to wait for some minutes before the gas system is burnt. But with this product, it is only for a few seconds. Sure, it doesn’t hurt you at all in case you touch the plate.

Stainless Steel Workspace

The metal body is necessary for a grill for sure. However, not all of them are good enough for dealing with the ingredients. Yes, there are problems like corrosion and others that tend to make the foods unhealthy.

Therefore, stainless steel is definitely a good solution. Interestingly, the product from Weber applies stainless steel on almost the entire part of its body.

The stainless steel is also applied to the preparation workspace. The area is equipped also with some hooks to make the cooking and grilling process easier and more fascinating. The hooks can be used to hang tools and others.

A Simple and Compact Shelf

The preparation area is not the only thing outside grilling provided by this brand on its Weber 61010001 Genesis II E310.

Right under the grilling area, there is a shelf with a compact and simple design. The shelf is beneficial to store ingredients or tools for grilling. When you want to clean the entire part of this grilling system, the shelf can be removed from the area.

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E 310 Color Option

In the market, there are two designs or colors available. They are black and stainless steel or silver. Between those two, it is black that tends to look more attractive. Besides, it simply fits any exterior design.

Well, you can place it in your kitchen also anyway. But sure, which one to choose is depending on your taste and the product’s availability.

Product Dimensions

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E310 Black has 61x54x21 inches for the lid open. A total of the cooking area is 669 square inches as well as the primary one is 513 square inches.

With the total size, for every grilling process, you can serve around 5-7 people. Sure, it depends on the type of ingredients you make.

Although the size is quite big, the product is surprisingly lightweight. Even if you want to move it from one place to another, it is getting easier for the presence of wheels on the lower areas.

The grilling system is portable also. Just fold the product to store or carry it anywhere you want. You can also separate some parts during the cleaning sessions.

Pros and Cons

There is no perfect product in the world. The saying is probably just right when you see the grilling system product from Weber.

The product is definitely recommended to buy when you see the performance. But it doesn’t mean that Weber 61010001 Genesis II E310 Gas Grill doesn’t have any lack at all. Well, the pros and cons are as follow.


  • First of all, this gas grill is easy and convenient to use. You only need to manage the knobs well and you can set up the temperature as you need. So, you can grill meat for barbecue and others more easily. While cooking them, it is possible to do anything else including preparing the foods in the preparation workspace available.
  • Second, the product has high safety features. It enables the gas to be controlled only by turning the knob around. Thanks to the Infinity Ignition features that guarantee the gas will not be leaked in any situation.
  • Third, it is easy to clean the cooking cast and even the entire grilling body. There is the application of Flavorizer Bars that remove the grease more easily. Interestingly, this feature tends to improve the taste as well.
  • Fourth, the product is really easy to move and store. There are some features that support those abilities. They are the wheels on the bottom area and the portable feature. Now, when you don’t use it, you can just keep the product inside the home without taking so much space.
  • Fifth, the product is functioned like a mini kitchen for the users. There are a shelf and some hooks available on the grilling system. You can put other grilling tools in the area and enjoy your cooking time. You can even keep the tools there along with when the gas grill is stored.
  • Lastly, the foods to cook with it are proven to be tastier and healthier. The enameled favored bars are proven to improve the food’s delicacy as well as keeping the nutrition inside. Moreover, the foods can be easily cooked thoroughly with it.


Although the products give you many benefits, a lack has been found. It is particularly if you don’t have any experience in managing the gas grill at all.

Yes, the gas is quite difficult to set up in the beginning. Mainly, it is when the product still new and out of the package.

Fortunately, after dealing with the gas grill multiple times, the difficulty may no longer experience. Despite you may have been good enough in it; the gas grill is getting easier to manage.

So, in the end, this is actually something you should not worry about.

Consumer Ratings

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E 310 Outdoor Gas Grill has generally favorable ratings from the users. It is based on reviews from some platforms and blogs. The big platform shows that many people visit it to look for a gas grill and choose this series finally.

Most of customers have no problem at all with the product. Meanwhile, a few others just don’t satisfy with it.


The price is just compatible with the features and benefits given.

Moreover, you can multiple benefits through this product beyond the grilling thing. For example, they are the bigger workspace area, a shelf and hooks to put and keep the tools, and more.

Compared to the similar products, Weber 61010001 Genesis II E-310 is considered more affordable than the similar products in its class. So, you should not be doubtful to choose this one.

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Weber 61010001 Genesis II E310 is one of the newest products released by Weber.
For many years, it has been well-known to be one of the best brands for modern grills and accessories.

Before this Genesis series, the brand actually has been released other gas grill products. They all have almost the same features and designs. Interestingly, particularly for this series, Weber adds some other features.

In general, there are 5 main features available in this product. They are High Performance Stainless Steel Burners, More Cooking Space, Safer Gas System, A Simple and Compact Shelf, Stainless Steel Workspace. Each of them gives you many benefits mainly in term of safety and convenience.

Interestingly, the workspace area is bigger also. It enables you to do anything else aside from grilling. One of them is preparing the foods.

The product has some pros and cons for customers.

It is safe and easy to use. The safety feature works very well especially in term of gas management.

Moreover, the product is also very easy to clean, move, and store. They are due to the materials used that are very easy to clean up.

The product is portable along with wheels available to move it.

For the cons, it is only the gas that is quite difficult to set up at the beginning. You may need some helps for this.

In general, the product is highly recommended. Despite all the features given, the rating is proven to be high. Many reviews also show that the customers are satisfied with this series from Weber.

So, this is the Weber 61010001 Genesis II E310 Review you should know.

Weber 61010001 Genesis II E 310 Review

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