Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill Review

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Weber Q1000

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How to cook is indeed diverse to get delicious food. One of the most popular is cooked by roasting. In addition, grilled food will make food healthier and also have a special taste. The one of the most recommended grills is the Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill. For further explanation, let’s consider the full review in the next paragraph.

Most of you would think of having a truly high-quality grill that has dynamic and amazing grilling capabilities. On the other hand, you want the grill to be durable and made of quality material.

You might want to use a grill to hold a barbecue on special days, or maybe want to serve delicious baked meat for your loved ones. Do not be half-hearted to bake in a delicious and quality way, because the presence of Weber Q1000 is always the solution to that desire.

Where its presence will no longer make you dizzy looking for an effective and reliable grill. Weber Q 1000 has long been popular and reliable for roasting, both for home needs and small restaurant scale.

By using Weber, you will even get a bonus in the form of convenience when cleaning it after use. This is due to a grill equipped with One Touch Cleaning System technology and made of porcelain-enameled material. That way, various impurities can be cleaned immediately.

Product Description

Weber Q1000 Grill is a versatile grill that can be relied upon for various cooking needs. The main function of this grill is to bake, but it is also dynamic because it can be used for other cooking needs such as roasting, frying, poaching, smoking and baking.

If roasting usually does not use a lid, where we only use hot charcoal and iron arranged to store meat, then Weber Q1000 Gas Grill have a different way. We need not bother to fan it so that the charcoal is still burning.

Weber grills have a functional lid. This is very different from presto or steaming. There is a dynamic heat and temperature control device so that we can still feel the same sensation as when conventional roasting.

This grill experienced a redesign and modification in 2014, so if it used to be called Q100, it is now a Q1000 with better models and functions. You can see a striking difference in the latest designs from Q1000 where there are new functional and fun aesthetic elements. Inside there is also a larger handle and equipped with control buttons that are easy to operate.

In addition, Weber 50060001 Q1000 is also easier to use because it has a comfortable lid and side handle. There are also a number of choices of accessories such as grill brushes and three-foot grill pads, charcoal places, vegetable baskets, silicone topping brushes, spatulas, tongs, thermometers, gloves, aprons, to grill cover gloves. These accessories allow you to cook quickly and cleanly.

In terms of construction, the Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill feels light when lifted, so you can dynamically carry it everywhere, for example to camping or traveling, and can also be stored in the kitchen permanently. Although light, but the material is strong and durable. The reason, the grill body and lid are made from aluminum.

In terms of function, the Weber Grills Q1000 produces 8500 British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour to heat the total cooking area of 189 square inches. BTU is an energy unit used in the United States for old heating systems. For comparison, 1 BTU to melt 1 pound of ice.

Buttons that are not dizzying, but can be relied upon to regulate heat easily. You can also set low, medium or high temperatures according to your wants and needs. But don’t forget, before use, the grill must first be heated with high heat for 10 to 15 minutes.

Mainstay Grills Since 1952

Weber Grill is not new in the world of culinary devices. It has actually existed since 1952 as a brand that has indeed focused on producing premium quality grills. This product from the United States was pioneered by George Stephen who wanted to create a new culture in baking, precisely in the Chicago area.

At first, he cut the steel float in half to close the grill. Roasting with this unique design tool results in better quality food and more controlled temperatures.

For the first production, the Weber production grill is divided into two types, namely Weber Q Grills and Weber Gas Grills. Weber Q Grills are small and are portable. It is also very suitable for use in a kitchen that is not too large in size. Meanwhile, the larger Weber Gas Grill is suitable to be placed in a larger house or used for restaurant scale.

With the technique of grilling using the lid, it managed to control the temperature and produce delicious food with a perfect level of grill maturity. Even though you roast it with a lid, you can still feel the smoke sensation that is still like the conventional roasting method.

Stephan carries the philosophy that reads: “If you’re looking, you are cooking”. So even if you roast, you don’t need to be open. You can also bake in a closed state, then produce better quality.

Stephan carries the philosophy that reads: “If you’re looking, you are cooking”. So even if you roast, you don’t need to be open. You can also bake in a closed state, then produce better quality.

Ease of Use

Stop using old ways to bake delicious food at special events. You don’t need to burn charcoal and fanned it, then smoke soars everywhere. Just use Weber Baby Q1000 and you can get a spectacular American roasting experience.

Something that smells western doesn’t need to be rejected if it’s useful. Includes a grill that has this lid. We can warmly welcome him, because this is a useful item and is not a hassle. Besides being flexible (can be placed anywhere), the grill also has special technology so that it is easy to clean.

Attractive Investment

Buying Weber Q1000 Gas BBQ can be an attractive and profitable investment field. What is the cause? This grill is not just for baking at home, for traveling, but also for cooking in other ways, such as for your restaurant. You can also cook a variety of menus using only one tool. As a result, your restaurant’s kitchen will be more spacious and not messy.

Beautiful Roast

The shape of the grill is very sleek and dynamic, giving you the opportunity to place it flexibly. You will also experience the sensation of beautiful cooking because you don’t need charcoal fans manually. The cooking method using Weber Q1000 Propane Grill will actually be neat, sterile and of course will produce good food.

Product Dimensions

Physical Dimension

Weber Q1000 Gas designed with multiple technology. It is made of quality so it is not easily damaged, and is light and so it can be carried anywhere. The quality ingredients that make up this grill also make it difficult for you to operate it or clean it. Fully assembled out of box. Dimensions – lid closed (inches): 14.5H x 27W x 16.5D inches.

Quality Dimension

Taste the dishes cooked with the appliance this grill will be special. In addition to the level of maturity that is evenly distributed and can be adjusted to your liking, you will be spoiled with evenly cooked grill flavors.

Economic Dimension

Weber Q1000 Portable Gas BBQ can be obtained at affordable prices, but you can get quality and multifunctional products.


Based on Weber Q1000 Review, most consumers claim to be satisfied with the baked goods that have this diverse function. They are even amazed by the ingredients of the grill which are very easy to clean and store. In addition, appreciation is also conveyed from the aspect of the quality of cuisine. Where, most people agree that cooking with a grill will present an unimaginable cooking experience. Aside from the food being cooked evenly, this grill also helps customers ensure cleanliness of food.


Another Weber Q1000 Gas Grill Reviews talk about disappointment. Some customers say about the use of the product is also heard, but we don’t need to generalize it. There are a number of factors that make people disappointed after buying, for example an error system occurs, damage to the grill components to the way the grill works. Some judge, it takes a long time to heat the grill. There are also those who call the function of the temperature control button inaccurate.

But apart from all that, distributors and producers this grill will always provide answers and replace products if the damage is from the company. But if the damage is caused by the user, or because it is wrong when using it, then the replacement fee is charged to the consumer. Fair isn’t it?

Consumer Ratings

In the light of the positive or negative consumer response, we can be sure that most of them are satisfied with this new style roast tool. This conclusion is based on overall consumer reviews. Who would have thought roasting could be better without a lid? Affordable prices and easy cleaning of these products are a plus that cannot be ignored.

Weber Q1000 Price

What price do you expect for this multifunctional grill? With all the advantages offered, you don’t rush to predict expensive prices. For Weber Grill, the Q1000 is very affordable. This is a reasonable friendly price for this grill. It very value for money. We believe you are a smart consumer so you know quality goods. But superior items don’t have to be expensive, right?

For reservations, you can contact a number of shops that sell these original grill products. This grill is also available in a number of marketplaces and online stores. Be careful with counterfeit products and pay attention to goods licenses so they don’t become victims of fraud.

If you still feel the price is expensive, try thinking about shopping for a grill for investment. By having this tool, you will be able to open a place to eat or a restaurant that has delicious menus, including a menu of foods that are cooked in a special way baked.

Click here to check the price.


In short, the grill reviews reveals a number of undeniable advantages. Besides having the opportunity to get a quality cooking experience, we describe the following about product reviews:

a. Durable and Flexible

This grill ade of lightweight and strong material. This allows a flexible grill to be placed permanently or moved, and can be used for a long time (durable, not quickly damaged). So, it’s fine if you want to keep it in the kitchen. But even if you want to take it for camping activities, this grill also won’t be a hassle.

b. Different Grilling Experience

The grill offers an exclusive and different cooking sensation. It has a lid so that the level of maturity can be obtained evenly. The grill is also equipped with a hot temperature control button that is very easy to operate. This will allow you to adjust the level of maturity evenly very easily.

In addition, using this grill will also be guaranteed cleanliness, because the cuisine is perfectly closed. On the other hand, you can still get a grill cuisine sensation that has a distinctive aroma of smoke and even burnt lines.

c. Easy to clean

Maybe you are reluctant to bake because you don’t want to bother cleaning the place when it’s finished. Well, the grill has a special quality because the surface uses technology that is easy to clean. This makes you absolutely not bothered to clean it after use. You only need to wipe it and the grill will immediately clean again.

d. Multipurpose

Not only for grilling, this tool also has other functions that can be adjusted as desired. The other functions of this grill are for roasting, smoking, frying, poaching and baking to make cakes. Seeing the variety of its brilliant functions, who will be able to resist the charm? No wonder this product has many fans, not only in America, but also in all parts of the world.

e. Weber Q1000 BBQ Best Price

Good quality doesn’t have to be expensive. You will be amazed at the affordable prices offered this grill. Although the size of the expensive and cheap is relative, you should agree that the price of this multi-function grill is very cheap. You can even include it in the investment list. Because by having this grill, you can open a restaurant business or a dining place that cooks the menu by baking.

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill Review

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