Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill Review

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Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill

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Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill is a grill with a strong GS4 system. The Weber 45010001 series grill is also compatible with igrill 3 which can be purchased separately. You will get a pleasant cooking experience to enjoy special food. Enjoy time while with family, enjoy dinner, joke with friends accompanied by the presence of Weber Spirit II E 310 grill. This type of grill has three burners and a broad cooking area. You can cook different types of food at the same time.

One side you can bake steaks and for other parts you can use roasting other types of dishes. The Weber Spirit II series E 310 grill has an open basket that aims to keep cooking equipment within reach. This grill is available in four colors, namely; sapphire, black, red, and ivory. The classic black and ivory colors, bright red, and striking sapphire make various color choices. You can choose the color you like to add to your excitement in cooking and baking activities.

Product Description

Weber Spirit II E 310 features a GS4 grilling system that has infinity ignition, a good management system, porcelain enameled Bar Flavorizer, and a good burner system. The open basket from the grill has an open design with six tool hooks and two large wheels. When you are going to operate this product, be sure to check connections and leaks. The natural gas fuel grill, liquid propane, is guaranteed by the original ten-year warranty period from Weber.

Weber 45010001 was made using steel base material for the part of the frame with the paint finishing stage. Meanwhile, for the handle using plastic and porcelain enamel for the closing part. The cooking grated ingredients are made of cast iron porcelain coated, making this grill look luxurious. Weber Spirit II E 310 has a heat output of 30000 BTU. This product is also equipped with a weatherproof protector, so it is safe to use when the weather is uncertain. You also have to pay attention to the care needed in using this product. Make sure you have to clean it after use.

Handle this product carefully so that it can last longer. Even though you get a ten-year warranty facility, you also have to pay attention to its use. When buying this product, be sure to get the appropriate type of warranty. You can get a factory warranty or warranty from the supplier. You also need to read various reviews of Weber Spirit II E 310 products if needed.

Product Features of Weber Spirit II E 310

Weber 45010001 has a GS4 Grilling System as a standard in cooking activities. An innovative roasting system that is uniquely designed for ease of use and to provide an exceptional roasting experience in your backyard. This system is also based on more than thirty years of roasting experience, culinary expertise, and various needs desired by consumers and their use.

Providing quality grills is indeed a unique challenge for Weber producers. The Weber Spirit II E 310 product is one proof to increase your pleasure in cooking and baking favorite foods. You can smoke and bake food more evenly and consistently using this product. This is because the customer of Weber has a promising burning system.

The GS4 Grilling System consists of four main components, consist of:

Infinity Ignition

Infinity ignition that is guaranteed to be lit at any time when used. You can bake food at any time to your liking. The fast ignition process makes you happier in cooking activities. The food gets faster and the gathering at your backyard is more enjoyable.

Tube Burners

You can cook thoroughly into the grill area because this product has a consistent gas flow throughout the grill. The cooking time is also shorter and the food produced is more delicious. Consistent ignition makes food cooked evenly. This makes the taste of food more formed.

Flavorizer Bar

The Weber blade this classic Flavorizer that is tilted is used to catch droplets. Each droplet that is not evaporated will fall following the slope and be channeled away from the burner. Drops will go down to the oil management system. So, you don’t need to worry that your Weber Spirit II E 310 grill will get dirty fast. You do not need to have difficulty in maintaining this product.

Grease Management

The Grease Management System is a very impressive feature, which can help eliminate fat and also reduce the risk of flu. This is because the drops that are not evaporated by the Flavourizer Bars feature will be channeled away from the burner and forwarded to the drop tray located below the cooking box. This disposable drip tray can be replaced as needed. You simply remove the drip tray and replace it according to your cooking needs.

These components ensure that your grill is reliable. Starting from when the burner lights up, grilling food, to do general maintenance in the grill. You will definitely find a smart grill by choosing Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill.

Other Features

Other features contained in the grill products Weber Spirit II E 310 are Cooking Grates made of Porcelain-Enamel Cast Iron. A reversible cooking grates can empower you to be more creative with the variety of dishes you want. The thinner side of the cooking grille is ideal for soft foods, for example; fish, shrimp, and similar foods. Meanwhile, the wider side can be used to bake thicker foods to enhance the taste of your food.

The next feature is also an open design basket that provides additional space and accessibility from the grill. This grill also has a Folding Side Table which can be folded easily to the left side of the grill. You can save space when you need extra space. You only need to press the button and lift the table, then you will be able to make it ideal to be a relatively smaller balcony.

The side is a side table with Integrated Hooks that are used to keep plates, tools, and spices in range while cooking. You can hang an important grill on the hook for easy access and arrangement of workspaces. Another feature is the Heating Rack that can be used to keep food warm.

The Weber Spirit II E 310 product also has a fuel gauge feature that only exists in special LP products. This very readable fuel gauge is located next to the gas tank. This feature allows you to see how much fuel is left in the tank. Another useful feature is the easy access tank to attach the gas tank to the outside of the grill. This makes the tank easily accessible and easily removed.

Weber 45010001 has a California Proposition warning 65 as a safety warning. Proposition 65 This warning handles brass on any product that exposes you to chemicals known to the State of California can cause cancer, defects, reproductive hazards, and other types of danger. Therefore, you must wash your hands after using this product. You must also pay attention to how to properly use and maintain this product.

Product Dimensions

The natural gas grill which has many advantages has dimensions of 44.5x52x27 in inches. The cooking room has an area of 529 square inches above three burners. The width of the lower left table is 42 inches with an output of 30,000 BTU per hour main burner input. Make sure you install the grill on a flat surface when used. Don’t forget to remove the protective film from the stainless steel section before installing it. Do not use power tools for assembling grill products from Weber. All packaging materials used can be recycled. Each product must have pros and cons according to its features and capabilities.


Weber Spirit II E 310 has a list of pros as follows:

  1. Complete features starting from the beginning of burning to the final stage of treatment after use make this product a lot of choice. You can bake every day without worry;
  2. Full and solidly controlled ignition system;
  3. The grill can heat quickly up to 500 degrees in just a few minutes;
  4. The reversible grill plate feature is thicker on one side and thinner on the other, so it can be adapted to the type of food being processed;
  5. Assembling can be done easily. You can do it yourself for an estimated 1.5 hours without needing to be confused and worried;
  6. The definite advantage is that this product is guaranteed with a guarantee of 10 years, enough time to guarantee your satisfaction in using a quality grill;
  7. Solid construction;
  8. There is a part that serves to prevent small animals, such as insects, from spiders from entering the inside of the grill. Such creatures can enter quickly. However, with these safeguards the animal can be prevented from entering;
  9. There are 3 burners which are required requirements.


The disadvantages or cons of Weber 45010001 products are as follows:

  1. The hood section is not too deep, so it cannot be used to cook a 12 lb. turkey;
  2. The temperature setting must be much higher than the old series of similar products to produce the same results. Setting the grill at 350 for the old product, while for the Weber 45010001 product now it must be in heat 450 to get the same result;
  3. The grill surface is not hot enough to accurately burn the meat to get a great taste of charcoal. You can reach it with this grill if you keep it closed all the time so it’s easy to cook;
  4. The taste of food produced is sometimes like food that smells just released from the oven and not the taste of the baked food

Consumer Rating

The Weber 45010001 product does have advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons are sometimes seen objectively, but sometimes also seen subjectively, or also the experience gained during the use of the grill products. All reviews from consumers who have used the Weber Spirit II E 310 product are very positive. We decide to give this grill 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. A pretty good rating for a grill with quality.


Grill Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 has a fairly affordable price when compared with various benefits and conveniences that you can get. You can buy this grill product in various offline and online stores that provide it. Make sure when you buy this product also get a guarantee of a 10-year warranty from Weber.

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You who like activities behind the house with a variety of food choices suitable to use Weber Spirit II E 310 products. This is because the grill has two different sides of the grill. So, you can bake two different types of food at the same time. However, for those of you who often cook meat with a large size, this product might not suitable for you. This is because the size of the hood is not too deep, so it can only be used to bake meat in a standard size. When you bake thick meat, sometimes you need extra effort to get the desired taste when using this product.

Those of you who like a concise and not too detailed job in doing maintenance can also have this product. Weber 49010001 offers convenience in cleaning the product. You can start feeling fast ignition and finish cooking with ease of care. Those of you who like the taste of natural food should pay attention to the details of processing when baking with the Weber Spirit II series E 310. Choose a grill to suit your needs. Create your cooking experience with a quality grill. Serve a variety of dishes for your beloved family.

Weber 45010001 Black Spirit II E-310 LP Gas Grill Review

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