Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 Grill Review

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Napoleon PRO500RSIB Prestige PRO 500 Grill

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Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 Grill is one of the recommended grill devices for those who love to celebrate a garden party, reunion, gathering, and many more. This grill is supported by some useful features that make the grilling process easier and faster.

The features are more than just ordinary grills. As a result, all guests will enjoy a delicious steak at the party. Let’s check the review of the product below before using it as your new cooking tool and to make sure why you have to use this grilling machine.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 Features

Grill Lights

By using Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 you can do an outdoor party anytime you want including at night. You don’t have to get confused about the lighting because this product has an interior grill light. It is an LED light and it is installed close to the grill. The position of the light makes you easy to grill chicken, fish, meat, or any ingredients even in the low light backyard. Indeed, your lovely friends, family, and colleagues can enjoy the best-grilled food during the party.

The interesting part is that it is a change color light system. The grilling machine looks brighter and interesting to see. It seems that the machine feels the atmosphere of the party anytime the light changes.

Ice Bucket and Cutting Board

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is an extraordinary grill where it serves you with more than just a grilling device. One of the additional features that might not all grills have it is an ice bucket and cutting board. By having an ice bucket on the grill, you can bring ice or some drinks and let them cold before enjoy it.

While waiting for the drinks ready, you can prepare the other ingredients such as the meat. Use the cutting board to cut all the ingredients you want to grill in the best size. You can also use the shelf to serve the drinks when everything is ready.

The short review about this feature shows that Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is a multifunction grill that meets modern users who want to serve everything simpler and faster.

Lift Ease Center-Gravity Roll Top LID

If you think that Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is a big grill device and it is impossible to use it in a small garden, you are wrong. Napoleon realizes that some of the users only have a small space to put the grill. Because of that, Napoleon Pro 500 is designed along with a center-gravity roll-top LID. The main function of this feature is to make sure that the parts of the grill are easy to lift.

This feature allows the users to lift the grill without extending the back of the grill. As a result, you can save space and use it in a small or medium backyard without losing too many spaces. You can still enjoy the outdoor party or gathering while enjoying a delicious grilled menu.

Instant Jetfire Ignition

One of the reasons why people don’t want to use a grill anymore is because it takes time to prepare the fire. Sometimes, they are also frustrated because it is hard to set the flame.

Unlike those traditional grills, Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 has a specific feature known as the Instant Jetfire ignition. This ignition system is using a jet flame to light the gas burner right away. The idea of using this feature is to make the users easy to prepare the grill so they can use it right away.

Temperature Gauge

The secret of the delicious grilled menu is on the way you set the temperature of the flame and grilled the ingredients based on the right time.

Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 supports you to be a great cooker. Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 supports you to grill ingredients just like a professional chef. This is because you know the temperature so you when to grill the ingredients and put them down from the grill.

Thanks to the Accu-Probe temperature gauge that helps newbie grillers into a professional. Just control the temperature and serve perfect grilled menu to your best friends, family, and colleagues.

Stainless Steel Sear Plates

Napoleon 500 Prestige Pro cares about the quality of your grilled menu. That’s why this product is supported by stainless steel sear plates. Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is using dual-level stainless steel sear plates that make the feature not only durable but also distribute heat to the necessary area.

Because the plates can distribute heat to the needed areas, you can grill the ingredients perfectly. Stainless steel is a good heat conductor and it works well to produce perfect and smell good grilled menu.

Infrared Burner

Another feature that makes Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 different than any other regular grills is on its infrared burner. The manufacturer installs an infrared burner feature for those who want to create a perfect roasting and searing result.

The infrared burner system is installed on the rear side of the grill. The purpose is to produce high heat searing and slow spit roasting. By using this feature, Napoleon 500 Pro can produces 180 degrees Celcius heat in only 30 seconds.

Cooking Grid

It seems that Napoleon wants to support the users not only to serve a delicious grilled menu but also a beautiful one. Because of that, Napoleon Pro 500 Grill is designed along with a specific 9.5mm iconic wave cooking grid.

With the combination of perfect heat temperature and cooking grid wave, you will get a beautiful and delicious grilled menu for your beloved guests. It seems you want to buy this product right away after reading this review.

Product Dimension

Napoleon 500RSIB is manufactured for modern people who love to celebrate something at home by doing a BBQ party. All the features are built to support the users to grill their favorite ingredients easier and faster.

Napoleon also thinks about the dimension in which the manufacturer wants to create a modern grill machine that can be used anywhere including in small, medium, or large outdoor area. To make sure that this grill is perfect, you can also check the dimension first.

The dimension of this product is 25.5 inches depth x 66.5 inches width x 51.75 inches in height. The dimension is perfect enough for any kind of outdoor areas including your small backyard. Along with all the features, it is considered as a compact grill in which you get everything you need such as a cutting board and ice bucket.


More and more people use Napoleon Pro500RSIB because of its design, features, and performance. This review will show you the reason why people choose to use this grill than any other conventional grills:

  • This grill has a stylish and modern design that makes you confidence while grilling in front of your friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Napoleon grills Prestige Pro 500 is designed along with the latest features that the conventional grills do not have it. Let say, you are about to grill with infrared burner and LED light to make sure that the result is perfect.
  • All the features are also effective enough to produce a delicious and beautiful grilled menu.
  • The grill is durable enough because it is made of high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel makes the design looks modern, simple, and stylish.
  • The features are user-friendly. You can set all the features just like what you want to make sure that you grill the ingredients comfortably and safety for a maximal result.


Along with all the benefits and great features served, Napoleon Pro500RSIB might consider several things to make the users satisfied. 

  • It seems that Napoleon needs to consider the size of the cabinet. It is better if the cabinet is larger than what they have served right now.
  • The ignition system helps users a lot to prepare the flame before grilling. It seems good if the manufacturer gives a more brief explanation about how to use the ignition system so the first-time users can use it without facing any difficulty or problem.
  • Napoleon also needs to include the brief, complete, and clearer manual in the package so the users know what to do and prepare before using the grill.

Customer Ratings

The users are satisfied with the performance of this grilling machine. They love the design that looks modern and it helps them to grill easier and faster. The additional features such as LED light, ice bucket, cutting board, and infrared burner also work well. Those features help the users to produce delicious, smell good, and beautiful grilled menu.

This grill is also fit enough for any types of areas whether it is a small, medium or large outdoor area. You can also move the grill anywhere you want right away without uninstalling all the parts.

It might be some problems with the features but they are a minor problem. The manufacturer needs to support customers with clearer, brief, and complete information about each of the features. As a result, the first time users can use the features and set the grill right away.


Let’s consider the details of the product while talking about the price. Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 gives something more than just ordinary grill machines. It has a variety of features that help you grill some ingredients faster, easier, and effective so you can produce a perfect grilled menu. When you check the price it seems that it is reasonable enough. Even, you might be pleased with the price because you get more than you have paid.

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If you think that grilling is a complicated activity, you need to use Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 at home. This grill machine meets the need of a modern grill. It seems that this product is a friend that understands you while grilling process.

Let say, it helps you to set the temperature as well as notify you the accurate temperature. The main purpose is to make sure that you don’t burn the ingredients and produce beautiful and delicious grilled menu just like a professional chef.

People love to enjoy a BBQ party in the afternoon or at night because of the atmosphere. It might be a problem, especially if they don’t prepare enough lighting. The LED light installed on the grill is a brilliant idea because it keeps you celebrate BBQ party even at night and in a low light area. This grill is a great option if you want to create a romantic atmosphere where it doesn’t need too many lights and enjoy BBQ steak with your beloved one.

In short, Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is recommended for those who love to celebrate party, reunions, anniversaries, gathering, or any other events at home. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time or advanced grilling machine user, this grill machine is suitable for all types of users.

The price is also affordable and reasonable enough, especially because you get more than the ordinary grill machines. In the end, you will be surprised by the result because you can serve something that satisfied your guests.

Based on the design and features, Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 is also a good option for those who want to start a small culinary business by serving some delicious grilled menus. This grill machine will help you to serve those menus faster.

Indeed, you could make your customers satisfy with your service as well as the taste of the grilled menu. So, just consider this grill machine if you want to buy a new grill machine and get all the benefits after using it.

Napoleon PRO500RSIB Prestige PRO 500 Grill

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