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napoleon prestige pro 665

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Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 665 is a versatile grill with some advanced features that make grilling a hassle-free and exciting experience. The grill is easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to maintain. And when it is used, there is plenty of exciting things that you can do with this grill.

The modern look of the grill and the use of lighting effects further enhance the excitement of using this grill during your barbeque time, day and night. In this review, you will read about some features of this Prestige Pro 665 grill that make it an excellent cooking appliance for you and your family.

Easy Installation and Use

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is shipped pre-assembled and not as tiny components and parts that require a tedious assembly procedure. The shipped large separate parts can be assembled quite easily and no time and within less than an hour, the grill is ready to use.

Prestige Pro 665 includes a dedicated shelf and plastic casing for propane. Installing the propane requires you to press a small button that allows the propane to slide in comfortably. You can also use your home propane tank with this grill. Just make sure to buy a hose that allows you to connect this grill to your home propane gas stub. When using a home propane gas tank, the regulator that comes with the grill is no longer required.

The grill also uses electricity as secondary fuel, so make sure that it is properly connected. Propane gas is used for the burners whereas the electricity is used for the rotisserie and infrared burners. After you are done with the assembly, using the grill will be both easy and exciting.

Everything is placed in the right place. You get the main cooking compartment that is spacious and convenient to use, a separate rotisserie compartment that is not disturbed by the main burners, a space-saving lid that is easy and light to lift due to its center-gravity technology, a control panel that gives you visual clues of what is happening with the grill, and ample storage space for various kinds of stuff.

Multi-Fuel Operation

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 uses clean propane as its primary fuel; however, when you are using it, you can experiment with various grilling fuels to achieve the expected result. Besides the primary cooking compartment that cooks your ingredients using propane gas, there is a commercial quality rotisserie kit with four forks that uses the infrared burner at the back. This rotisserie kit allows you to cook various meals with better flavor and efficiency.

If you miss the pleasant odor and taste of foods roasted on wood and charcoals, you can use those traditional fuels with this grill. The grill includes a wood chip smoker tray that emits the satisfying wood smoke and mixes it with the flavor of your food. It also includes a charcoal tray that allows you to cook on hot charcoals instead of gas.

Various Cooking Methods

Prestige Pro 665 is versatile not only due to its multi-fuel function. With this modern grill, you can cook your foods in various exciting ways. This is partially due to the multiple fuels that the grill supports, but it is also due to the way its cooking components are constructed.

In this part of the review, you will read about several ways you can prepare your delicious meals using this grill:

Direct Cooking

The direct cooking method is an excellent way to use Prestige Pro 665 to cook food fast. With this method, you cook your food by exposing it directly to the fire emitted by the burners.

The direct cooking method is great for cooking foods that are meant to be cooked fast, especially thin slices of meat that are at most two inches thick. To increase the cooking speed, you can close the lid to intensify the heat and to prevent it from escaping the cooking compartment.

Indirect Cooking

This is a perfect method for baking food and ensuring that all parts of the food, from its skin to its center, are properly and evenly cooked. And also great for making tough brisket and rib feel tender and juicy after cooking and for ensuring that chicken, turkey, and game meat are evenly cooked.

To do indirect cooking using Prestige Pro 665, you need to put the ingredient at the center of the cooking compartment and then turn on only two burners at both ends of the compartment while leaving the central burners off.

Because the food is not exposed directly to the fire, it will cook at a slower pace while ensuring that both its outside and inside parts are cooked. Close the lid to distribute the heat evenly.

While doing indirect cooking, you can put the cooked ingredient directly on the cooking grids or comfortably place it on a ceramic plate or cooking pan.


When you do indirect cooking, you will be more pleased if you can enhance the flavor of your cooked ingredients by exposing them to smokes. On the negative side, propane gas doesn’t produce smokes; however, fortunately, this grill features a wood chip smoker tray that allows you to “create” natural smokes while cooking your food.

To smoke your food, put wet wood chips inside the tray and then heat them. The food that is placed in the closed cooking compartment will be exposed to hot smokes that allow them to cook slowly and evenly. Replace dry and burn out wood chips with fresh and wet ones regularly to keep the smoking process performing optimally.

The wood chip smoker try uses a dedicated gas tube burner. Ensuring that the burning of the wood chips will not interfere with the burning of the rest of the gas and infrared burners.

Charcoal Cooking

If smoking is an excellent alternative way to cook your food using the indirect cooking method, charcoal cooking is perfect for direct cooking. Though it can also be used during an indirect cooking session. Instead of using gas-fueled fire, you can use smoldering charcoal to cook your food.

Charcoal cooking is an excellent way not only to enhance the flavor of your food but also to save on the use of propane gas because the smoldering charcoals will remain burning and usable for cooking after the fire is turned off.

To do charcoal cooking using Prestige Pro 665, you need to put your charcoals on the grill’s removable charcoal tray—an optional part that you should buy separately. Burn the charcoals using the grill’s burner until they smolder. Turn off the burners and you are ready to cook your food using the smoldering charcoals. Air the charcoals regularly to prevent them from cooling down.

Rotisserie Cooking

This modern grill includes a rotisserie burner on the rear, allowing you to do rotisserie cooking with it. Rotisserie cooking is a convenient way to cook various ingredients because it requires less attention than that required by a direct or indirect cooking procedure. Flame may burn up the food, but infrared burner, despite its intense heat that reaches up to 1800-degree, will not.

Rotisserie cooking is an excellent method to brown the outside of the food while allowing its center to self-baste, thereby preserving its juicy texture. Any foods that can be cooked using direct and indirect methods can also be cooked using this rotisserie method. But certain foods, such as lamb’s legs and meat, are better cooked using this method.

Infrared Bottom-Burner Cooking

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 also features an infrared burner that burns from the bottom. This burner is available on the side burner and efficiently emits intense 1800˚F of heat that allows you to cook your food fast and easy.

The infrared burner is known for its efficiency and eco-friendliness. It is efficient because it burns the food and not the air, so its efficiency level is near 100 percent. Because it burns the food, it burns it quite fast. So you only need little time and less BTU to use the energy for cooking, making it an eco-friendly burner.

The circular infrared burner on the side burner is not the only burner that it uses because it also includes the traditional flame burner near the edge of the burner. This arrangement allows for a two-stage cooking procedure that is more versatile and efficient. You can use either the infrared burner only or together with the flame burner.

On the top of this side burner is a porcelainized cast iron cooking grid that is reversible to allow you to work with either a flat-bottomed frying pan or a round wok. Of course, the grid can also be used on its own without any cooking utensil on the top of it.

Ample Storage

Storage is not a problem when using Prestige Pro 665. At the side of this grill—the opposite of the side burner. You can find side shelves with a cutting board and containers for various kinds of stuff, including beverage holders and a bucket for ice or marinade. Under the main burner, you can find a stainless-steel cabinet with a pair of soft-closing doors and interior lighting.

The cabinet consists of two main compartments: one for stuff and another compartment for a propane gas tank. The gas tank compartment is designed to be easy to use, allowing you to slide in and out your tank and to attach it to the grill conveniently.

The cabinet is perfectly protected from the waste of all burning and cooking activities that are taking place above. A removable drip pan is located right under the burner, protecting the cabinet underneath it and ensuring that a cleaning task will always be easy and fast.

Amazing Lighting

One of the best parts of all Prestige Pro reviews is the grill’s amazing way of using lights. The Prestige Pro 665 looks and feels modern not only with its sleek stainless-steel body but also with its excellent use of lighting effects, which are both functional and decorative.

All knobs that this grill uses are the trademarked Led Spectrum Night Light control knobs. When you turned it on, they illuminate and their light color will change to red when the burners turn on.

There are also interior lights inside the cooking compartment, allowing you to cook conveniently even in the dark. The interior of the cabinets at the bottom also has interior lights attached to their walls.


  • Easy installation and Use
  • Various exciting ways to cook
  • Modern design with a stainless-steel body and amazing lighting effects
  • Offering a perfect balance between cost and features within the Prestige Pro series


  • Cheaper models that offer approximately similar features are available.
  • While the main dip tray is quite large, the one for the side burner looks too small.

Consumer Ratings

Prestige Pro 665 attempts to bring the sensation of commercial grilling right to the backyard of your home. Having a commercial-quality grill is exciting for people who love enjoying a barbeque time that is not always for commercial purpose.

This satisfaction of using the grill is apparent in how customers comment on this grill. Some not-so-good features, such as small side burner’s dip tray and knob lights that are too glaring, are not considered deal breakers. All in all, customers are quite happy when buying this grill.

Price of Napoleon Prestige Pro 665

There are three models in Napoleon’s Prestige Pro series and five models in the Prestige series. Although the Prestige models are considered the most affordable, they lack many exciting features that make all of the Prestige Pro models have, especially the wood chip smoker kit.

Because you will ultimately choose a Prestige Pro model to enjoy the ultimate grilling experience, you will end up choosing one of the three available models. In terms of price, Prestige Pro 665 is considered the best choice because it has more features than those of the 500 model while still being cheaper than the 825 model.

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As a conclusion for this review, I can tell you that if you are looking for a commercial-quality grill for home use, Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is the best choice.

It has all the features that you need to prepare delicious meals with delicious flavors using many delicious cooking methods and its price is just right.

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 Review

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