Char Broil 463367016 Signature Tru Infrared 420 3 Burner Grill Review

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Char Broil 463367016 signature tru infrared 420 3 burner

Char Broil 463367016 Signature Tru Infrared 420 3 Burner is a great solution for the mid-sized master grill.

It is very suitable for those who are looking for the gas grill with high performance and offer the users with premium features including of the top port at 223 stainless steel burners, long-lasting porcelain-coated iron grates.

This grill can be so easy to adjust producing a high heat or low temperature evenly in the whole of cooking grate. Those features will give you the highest satisfaction and make you want to always grill for a long time.

Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 3 Burner is running throughout pushing the button with the system of Char-Broil’s Surefire Electronic Ignition. Once your grilling turns on infrared with TRU will heat quicker, hotter and evenly compared to other devices. That Infrared will deliver the heat directly to the food, sealed in a juice.

Having the surface in spacious 420 square inches along with 155 square inches for your warming rack as well.

The stainless steel shelves along with the open side burner provide you with extra workspace when necessary and the grill system is easy to adjust from the propane to the natural gas. It’s all depending on yourself.

You may think that Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 3 Burner is your best option. However, you need to check the review below.

How does it work?

In the bottom area, you will find three cooking chambers with the 8,500 BTU burners to give you a more perfect result. In the professional kitchen, for example, 7,000 BTU burner usually was called as the small burner and it is barely to boil water in the pot.

However, with this infrared grill design, you will get the heat from the three burners which are focused on the components by Char-Broil which is known as the emitter.

The perforated layers of using 443R stainless steel will change the burner of heat convection into the infrared burner. In other words, the heat convection just like the hot air comes from your heater inside your car. Then the infrared heat is what you can feel in your face when you are facing the sun.

Char Broil Signature 3 Burner also has so many features which meet with your need.

Sitting in the emitter as the gate for porcelain cast iron cooking. The changing in this system is a very real improvement, not just for marketing tactic.

What’s New ?

The old system, when used in this cooking grate, is pretty awkward and it is hard to clean off.

The Char Broil Signature Grill on this burner is really held and transfer the heat better than the old ones. There is more information where you can find related to Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 3 Burner.

So, Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 3 Burner has anything that you were looking for. As mentioned before that it gives you with perfect mid-size grilling. Whether you want to use it for cooking, deliver the best food for your family of 2 – this Char Broil Signature 3 Burner will give you with a good performance and surely make you love to grill often.

Why Char Broil 463367016 ?

There is information to help you decide to purchase a Char Broil Signature series. This article also includes a description of this product, key features and review and the ratings as well.

You can find this Char Broil 463367016 in a make sense price as well.

When it comes to the grills, then you will know that Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 420 3 burner is a better option than any.

It offers you with different series of gas grills in their best line up – you can consider it as the mean business as well.

Keep in mind that Char Broil Signature 420 is different. It offers you with a high-performance grill that gives you exactly what you are looking for in a great grill system.

There are two versions of this grill, one system in the matte black and another one is the stainless steel make a distinctive point for the price as well.

Char Broil 463367016’s Product Features

So, this grilling system utilizes the Surefire system and char broil signature tru infrared 3 burner. This is a perfect for your backyard kitchen.

This grill offers you spacious cooking space as mentioned in the first paragraph. Perfect for your friends or family members at the same time.

The cabinet design is very convenience making the propane tank looks very stylish and sleek as well.

The Infrared with TRU system offers you with even cooking process in the whole process and you can cook burner, favorite chicken recipes or even fish easily at the same girl as well. Just using one push button, you set to grill tasty delicious for your dinner in no time as well.

TRU Infrared for the Perfect Cooking System

You may be wondering what you need to fuss about this infrared grill which often occurred on the market.

The main thing that you should remember with this model of the type of cooking. This allows you to get a bigger control on how your food will be cooked in all process.

In the traditional grill, you may experience huge flare-ups of flame, uneven temperatures. Also your food which is not completely well-cooked in one side and burning in another side.

You should know that TRU system will remove all those things in your cooking experience.
You can make delicious meats and juicy meats anytime you use Char Broil Signature 3 Burner.

That infrared system will allow you to cook your food evenly and get the bigger control by using the infrared technology.

The infrared heat will help you to avoid the heat spots and cold spots on the surface part of the grills and help you to cook faster by using less gas as well.

The special grates in the core of TRU infrared will spread the heat evenly in the grill surface. Therefore, it will create the barrier between your flame and food – as we know that flare-ups were history.

The final result, you will get fresher foods and more flavorful meals anytime.

The Lid Mounted Thermometer in this Char Broil 463367016

When you are in the grilling process of the favorite items, then you have to watch the temperature on your grill. This is very easy to be done with the thermometer attached to the lid in the Char Broil Signature series.

You can be efficiently following your temperatures without disturbing the cooking process. So, you can let the lid down and easy to check whether you need to turn off the heat or crank it up to get a higher temperature as you need.

You will know where your status with the preheating process and when you are ready to prepare your food in the optimum cooking time.

Surefire Electronic Ignition

The system of Surefire Electronic Ignition will sync each burner. This offers you with sufficient sparks in each burner for faster start-up.

There are so many great things related to this Char Broil 463367016.

Even Heat or Temperature in the Whole Cooking Process

You can check its specification. You can see top ported 443 stainless steel along with the surface ports are easy to adjust.

This will give you the high heat or very low temperature evenly in the whole cooking grates.

Lidded Side Burner at 13,000 BTU

The side burner in this professional Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 420 3 Burner is perfect for sauces and sides that you need to prepare at the same time.

When you do not use it, then you can fold-down cover. This will give you another space for working. Especially for prepping and great space for the tools, rubs, and sauces as well.

Enclosed Storage Shelves

You can see a big stainless steel door to hide the tank. It allow you to get additional store shelves for goods such as the grill equipment, the wood chips, the rub, sauce, and the grilling tools as well.

Your grill will sit with 4 casters – mean that two of them are locked, to increase the stability and mobility in your Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 3 Burner.

Durable Iron Gates with Porcelain Coated

Primary cooking space in 420 square inches above the long-lasting porcelain-coated for the cast iron grates.

The porcelain-coated will make the door last longer, easier to clean and rust-resistant for sure.

It also equipped with the warming rack in the 155 square inches.

Char Broil 463367016’s Product Dimensions

The product dimension is 23.5 x 51.1 x 47.2 inches.

If you want to know more about the pros and cons of char broil signature 420 grills, you can check them below.

The pros of Char Broil Signature Tru Infrared 3 Burner

So, Char Broil Signature 3 Burner is a real hit for customers for some reasons depending on your needs.

There are some tempting features which persuaded so many users to purchase this Char Broil Signature Grill.

  • Customers will love cooking system with a TRU Infrared system which attached in this grill. It can cook your food evenly in the grill which sometimes feels troublesome as well. however, with this technology, it makes easier to do it while it never burning much gas as well. The foods come from this char broil signature series will make anyone falling in love with their grills as well.
  • When talking about the gas, people will love the option where they can change the liquid propane grill to the simple conversion kit. For those who want to change the grill before, but they cannot find the compatible one, then this char broil 463367016 is perfect for them.
  • There are so many features that will make grilling activities more fun and easier.

The Cons of Char Broil 463367016

Although many people love this char broil signature tru infrared 420 3 burner, some clients do not feel that this is their perfect options.

There are some complaints where some consumers said about their grills.

  • Some people stated that the instruction is pretty hard to understand. They said making the process to put the grill together is getting harder rather than anticipated. So, most of them said that they spend 1-2 afternoons to put them together. Some clients also have some grill arrangement issues since they are not clear enough related to the instructions.
  • Another complaint is that some clients have issues on how the juices when you cook drip in their grills. They need to clean it up several times. Some of them said that they spend more time to clean up their grills rather than grilling foods.

Consumer Ratings

There are so many reviews related to char broil signature 420 from various sources. Most of the reviews are positive.

In many cases, the customers who purchase char broil signature 3 burner are very pleased and satisfied with their units. They love his unit and highly recommended for others. People who are looking for a mid-size grill for their backyard patio, deck areas will love this unit.

After all, the overall reviews supporting this model which is very easy to use in the various arrangements.


This char broil signature grill seems like a perfect option for those looking for the mid-size grill for their backyard space. So, this is a great model that you can consider.

The price is pretty budget-friendly. But since the price will change over time. Please click here to see the exact price on Amazon.


Although this is a great mid-size grill, this model can stand up well in that competition.

Those materials were improved such as a better stainless steel material on the burners and emitters area.

This char broil signature series also looks so stylish compared to older models and so attractive to sit on your patio, deck areas or backyard as well. So, you can check some reviews or information here.

Char Broil 463367016 Signature Tru Infrared 420 3 Burner Grill Review

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