Best Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating

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The best portable gas grill for tailgating featured here will make your tailgate party more delightful. Since there is no tailgating without grilling food, you have to buy the best one. Tailgating parties is not just a matter of eating but more importantly is building community and social events.

In order not to make you confused with too many choices, we have done the research and chosen for you. Here are the best portable gas grills for tailgating:

  • Weber Q2200
  • Weber Q1000
  • Cuisinart CGG-180T

What to Look For When Choosing Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating


Portability for a gas grill for tailgating is a must. It have to be easy to be moved, easy to be packed up.

Cooking Surface Area

Cooking surface area is the feature to be concern. Although it have to be portable, it must also be able to prepare food for many people.

Usually a small gas grill can cook for between 2 to 3 people at a time. The average size of the cooking surface area is 100 to 300 square inches. For a benchmark it can be said that 100 square inches can cook for 1 person.

If you want to be able to cook for four or more people, then you should consider a large gas grill, but this gas grill will be difficult to carry. But it’s still possible to use a portable gas grill as long as you don’t mind cooking in shifts.

Cooking Power

Heat capacity measured in BTU (British Termal units). The higher the hotter it will be. Find the one that suits you. Not all types of food require high BTU to cook.


At this time the gas grill not only pays attention to the function, but also of course must pay attention to the design as well. Talking about the tailgate party, sure we want our friends to be amazed by the unique design of our gas grill.

Durability & Quality

Buying a gas grill is an investment. Especially if we spend quite a lot of money to buy it. We certainly want the gas grill to last long that it can be used for years later.


Choose the portable gas grill that the price is affordable for you. Besides the price, you should consider it also must have good quality.

Below is a review of each of the portable gas grills that we have chosen:

Weber Q2200 Portable Gas Grill
Weber Q2200 Portable Gas Grill

Weber is already known as the famous brand for grill. So it’s no doubt to consider it to be one of best portable gas grill.

Weber Q2200 has small and unique design.


  • Portability : Since Weber Q2200 has small and unique design, it very easy to carry by car. The size is 15 x 32 x18,5 “ when fully folded up. And the size is 26 x 51,4 x 25,1 when prepare to cook.
  • Cooking Surface Area : For this type of portable gas grill with a compact size, the Weber Q2200 has a fairly wide cooking surface area of 280 square inches. With such an area, the gas grill can cook for up to 3 people at a time.
  • Cooking Power : This gas grill emits 12,000 BTU per hour. That’s if you use maximum power. Say the small propane canister contains approximately 21,600 BTU’s worth of gas. Then it will give you approximately 1.8 hours of cooking time when using a maximum of BTU. But in general, people will do the preheating for only 10-15 minutes, after that it will reduce the heat to medium or low. Then your gas remaining volume will be extended. This grill also has Electronic ignition with built in thermometer.
  • Design : Q2200’s design is quite unique and futuristic. So you can boast of the uniqueness of this gas grill design to your friends.
  • Durability & Quality : This gas grill is made of high quality stainless steel which will result in long-term durability. One of the gas grill element construction is also made of cast iron which is a good conductor of heat. Besides that, the grate is also covered with special porcelain enamel. This porcelain enamel serves to make the grate easy to clean, as well as to create a heat sensation taste on the meat. This porcelain enamel serves to make the grate easy to clean, as well as to create a heat sensation taste on the meat.


  • Portability : If you want to move it often, it will be quite a problem. Because although the shape is quite compact, the weight is quite heavy at 42.5 pounds. The solution is you can buy cart separately.

Weber Q1000 Portable Gas BBQ
Weber Q1000 Portable Gas BBQ

Weber Q1000 is also known as Weber Baby Q. It called baby because its small design. But don’t be fooled by its size. Although small, the Weber Q1000 is a reliable gas grill, of course because the Weber brand is a trusted brand for gas grills. Basically Q1000 is a smaller version of Q2200.


  • Portability : It’s just smaller in size. The grill dimensions – lid closed (inches): 14.5H x 27W x 16.5D inches. And 20,5H x 27W x 23,5D inches when lid opened. Therefore, of course it has a lighter weight than Q2200. So it is easier to carry everywhere. The weight is 26,6 pounds.
  • Design : Like the Q2200, the Weber Q1000 design is equally elegant and unique. With the Weber brand logo making your gas grill luxury.
  • Durability & Quality : Because it is made of the same material as Q2200, it is as durable and of high quality. The burner is made of stainless steel. It also has porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. There are also push-button ignition and infinite control burner valve settings.


  • Cooking Surface Area : Q1000 weakness is the small surface of the cooking area which is only 189 square inches. With this surface area it can only cook for 1-2 people at a time. If your objective is camping or a picnic, just the two of you. Then this is suitable for your needs. But if it is for a tailgate party, it is not suitable because of the small cooking capacity.
  • Cooking Power : Because this gas grill has a smaller size, of course it also has a less power than Q 2200. Weber Q1000 produces 8,500 BTU per hour. But with such output it is still sufficient to cook a variety of foods.

Cuisinart CGG 180T Portable Grill
Cuisinart CGG 180T Portable Grill

CGG-180T Petit portable gas grill is very suitable to carry anywhere.

With a beautiful design, coupled with the famous Cuisinart brand, this gas grill is undoubtedly one of the best choices for tailgating.


  • Portability : The size 16 x 16.5 x 13 inches and weight only 13.5 pounds. This is a compact and lightweight gas grill.
  • Design : This grill design is awesome and beautiful. It has aluminum leg and stabilizing feet set up in seconds. You only need to pull the legs, so you will not need a table. Colors: available in red and silver. The grill comes fully assembled, so it ready to use right away. It also easy to clean.
  • Durability & Quality : It made from high quality material. The grates made from cast-iron material. The surface of the grill is also equipped with porcelain-coated so the food is not easy to stick.


  • Cooking Surface Area : The disadvantage of the CGG-180T is the small cooking surface area which is only 145 square inches. This only can cook for up to 2 people at a time. But even with the small size of the cooking area, it can still cook 8 burgers or 8 small steaks or 4 pounds of fish.
  • Cooking Power : With a small size, the power is only 5,500 BTU. BTU per square inch is smaller than Weber Q.

In Conclusion :

There are so many portable gas grills on the market that can confuse you in choosing the right one.

But we have chosen 3 portable gas grills that are the best for tailgating. This choice depends on your needs and conditions.

If you are looking for the best lightweight portable gas grill, then the best choice is the Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit.

If you are looking for a portable gas grill that is compact yet durable and has a sufficient surface area for cooking, then the choice falls on the Weber Q2200.

If you don’t mind smaller cooking surface area, but it’s still quite big BTU compared to CGG-180T. Then the choice of value for money falls on Weber Q1000.

We personally prefer Weber Q2200 for our tailgating event. Besides being able to cook for more people, BTU is quite powerful, beautiful and compact design. Weber has also been a well-known gas grill brand for quality, design and after sales service.

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