Best Gas Grill for Smoking Meat

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best gas grill for smoking meat

Gas grill is certainly superior in terms of ease of use and preparation before grilling.

When compared to charcoal grill or traditional grilling using wood and fire, of course the food produced by the gas grill does not have smoky flavor. The food produced by charcoal grill in general is indeed appealing and mouthwatering.

So is it true that the gas grill will not be able to have smoky flavor in the food it produces? Do not worry, because now there is a gas grill that is equipped with a smoker box feature that can produce smoky flavor in the food produced.

There are 2 gas grills from Weber which we recommend have smoker box feature to produce a smoky flavor and a searing station feature to produce an appetizing and appealing searing mark.

List of Best Gas Grill for Smoking Meat

1. Weber Summit S670

The Weber S 670 has many features including a smoker box and searing station which are important for creating smoky flavors and appetizing results. In addition, let us consider the advantages and disadvantages as follows.


  • Of course as has been said above beforehand that S670 has features of searing station and smoker box.
  • This grill also has a side burner that allows you to cook other food or complementary dishes while you are cooking the main meal on the main cooking grate.
  • This product has a rotisserie feature which is very suitable for roasting whole animals such as chicken, turkey. We recommend closing the lid grill while using rotisserie.
  • There is a button to turn on the light on the knobs when you cook when it’s dark.


  • Of course what is certain is that the price is quite expensive so that not everyone can afford it.
  • Some people report that even though this gas grill is made of stainless steel material, it can rust if it is not properly maintained.

Weber Summit S-670
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2. Weber Summit E 470

The second we will discuss about the Weber Summit E470 which is the flagship model of the Weber brand. With the price offered, the E470 has the full-featured features of other luxury gas grills that are offered at higher prices. Of course this Summit E 470 gas grill features a searing station and a smoker box too. The E470 also has a choice of liquid propane and natural gas models.

Before you decide to buy the Weber Summit E470, it is necessary to know the advantages as well as the drawbacks. We will explain the following:


  • In general, a gas grill requires assembly. This E470 is no exception. However, when compared to other gas grills, the E470 comes with a pre-assemble, and it takes minutes in the final assemble, not hours.
  • Crafted only with the best materials and with a sturdy design, make sure that your grill will last for years.
  • With the wheels that can be locked, it will be easier for you to move the grill along your deck or patio, while securing the grill by locking the wheels when it already in the desired position.
  • E470 has all the features that LP consumers need. From searing station burners and side burners, smoker boxes, flavorizer bars, grease management systems, snap-jet ignition.


  • Some people complained that it was difficult to clean some parts of the grill.

Weber Summit E-470
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How to Get Smoky Flavor without Charcoal or Smoker Box

If you currently only have a gas grill that does not have a smoker box feature, do you have to replace it with a gas grill that has the features above or replace it with a charcoal grill? Do not rush to buy a new gas grill. That doesn’t need to be done. Consider the following guide and some tips for hacking your grill gas settings.

First of all to get a smoky taste on a gas grill is to use several pieces of wood. You can use wood chips or smoker chips that suit your taste, such as cherry, peach, apple wood, or oak, mesquite. You can buy this wood at barbecue shops, supermarkets, or online. Or you can cut the wood yourself from your yard if available. If you want to cut by yourself, cut just one to two inches thick.

The second step is to soak the wood chips in water. It takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to produce more smoke.

Then place pieces of wood on the grill. Remember to only use half the power of the burner or in other words use a small fire. You don’t want to burn wood instead of making it produce delicious smoky flavor.

Don’t forget to close the lid of the gas grill afterwards, so that it can hold the smoke for grilling.

Wait for about ten minutes, then open the lid to check if there are pieces of wood that are burning or not. Spray with water if it burn or to extinguish the fire in the wood.

After that, close the lid again and wait ten more minutes. Remove the wood chips from the cooking surface and start baking steaks.

If you don’t want the flavor of smoke overpowering the taste of food itself, then to avoid this, use wood chips only for half of the total cooking time. For example, if your food takes twenty minutes on a grill, use smoke from wood chips for only ten minutes.


With a gas grill that has a smoker box, of course it will be more comfortable and easier to produce smoke to add flavor to your food. Although there is a solution if you do not have a gas grill smoker box, you can grill wood chips on the grill like the tips and hacking guidelines that we have given above.

Of course if you have enough budget, we strongly recommend that you buy one of the best gas grill for smoking meat, namely Weber Summit S-670 and E-470. You can choose one according to your needs.

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