Best Gas Grill for Searing Steaks

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best gas grill for searing steeaks

There are hundreds of options of gas grill. But if you want an as delicious as restaurant steak, invest in the best gas grill for searing steaks are never wrong.

The gas grill is easy to use and it has all of the convenience you want when cooking steak in gas grill. It is also quick so it will perfect to use on the spot steak party in your yard.

Things that you need to consider when buy gas grill with searing steaks feature is quite expensive to get the one that builds with durable stainless steel construction. Also the gas fuel is costs more than a charcoal grill.

List of the Best Gas Grills for Searing Steaks

1. Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 Gas Grill – Best Overall

This is the best grilling outdoor. With the awesome features built-in, the napoleon Prestige Pro 665 is the best grill today. It is everything you need to cook your meat.


  • The grill featured with integrated wood smoker tray and an open lid that super easy to open.
  • The interior lights enable you to see what you are doing.
  • It featured with 8 burner grill total.
  • The unit also has different areas that deliver different temperatures to cook different meats include different steaks recipes.


  • The only drawback from the products it is assembled of the grill can be complicated and take more time.
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2. Weber Summit S 670 Gas Grill – The Most Luxurious for Searing Steaks

Weber Summit S 670 is a dream for the master grill. This series has all stainless steel grill in the top-line features and elegant look. What is the con?

If you are the one that serious about grilling and want to invest in a high-quality gas grill with the sear, then this is the best option for you.


  • It delivers evenly heat with 6 stainless steel main burners.
  • The grill also featured with a sear burner, side burner, and rotisserie and smoker box.
  • It also builds with high-quality construction.


  • It has a high price that quite expensive. But in this case, quality comes at a price.
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3. Weber Summit E 470 – The Most Powerful Gas Grill

Add premium to your gas grill with the Weber Summit E 470 series. This is a product that provides an exclusive gas grill that not only completes your BBQ party but also styles the yard. This is the most powerful gas grill for searing steaks with power 104 BTU per square inches.


  • Versatility, attractive design that suitable for the outdoor area.
  • High-quality construction that all parts made all stainless steel
  • The evenly gas burner.
  • Side trays, and hanging hooks features.
  • And ability to control the heat to spreads evenly with zone control.


  • The battery compartment that utilizes the screw-system.
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4. Weber Genesis II E-330 – Best Budget Gas Grill with Searing Station

Weber Genesis II E-330 is the best gas grill available with liquid propane and natural gas model. This is one of the most efficient gas grills and also the best build the product.

It comes with porcelain enamel cast-iron grates and porcelain enamel flavor bars. It also featured with the option of the sear burner and side burner. The cons are it has slower times for preheating and the low grades of stainless steel.


  • This gas grill have solid build construction that also durable.
  • The sear burner provides the capability for high-temperature.
  • It also delivers heat consistently.
  • It is easy to clean up.


  • Slower times for preheating.
  • Low grades of stainless steel.
Click here to see image and latest price of Weber Genesis II E-330

5. Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

This is one of the expensive gas grills but also standardized as a high-quality gas grill.


  • Napoleon Prestige Pro 500 has even and versatile heating.
  • It has high-quality construction made from durable stainless steel.
  • The spacious side shelves provide enough space for large meat.
  • The grill also featured with heavy porcelain cooking grates.


  • The con is the high-cost tag for a basic grill. As consideration, if you are the person that serious about the grill, this is the professional grill that built with high-quality material and awesome features to make your steak as delicious as a restaurant recipe.
Click here to see image and latest price of Napoleon PRO 500

How to Properly Sear a Steak

It is easy to sear the steak. There is no doubt that great steak with tender, juicy and rosy meat is perfect steak to delight.

The searing technique is about 100% building flavor for steak. Searing meat can be time-consuming but it is worthy of the delicious steak in the plate.

The first thing to sear steak properly is to use the right pan for cook steak meat, use cast iron skillet or stainless steel is best. This pan able to heat with very high heat and will seat steak meat rapidly and evenly. Never use non-stick pans for sear steak meat.

Prepare steak meat in the way you proposed to by chopping into large cuts or bite-size pieces and so on. Pat dry the steak meat using a paper towel to improve the less steam when cooking.

Next is seasoning the steak meat with pepper and salt by sprinkle on the steak. When the moist is come from the meat while or after seasoning pat dry again the meat.

Preheat the skillet into the medium-high level. After searing some batches you will know how high heat level enables you to push with skillet and grill.

Coat the cooking surface with vegetable oil and when it shimmers add meat into the pan. Let the meat seared in the pan without moving it in 1 or 2 minutes first.

After the bottom side seared, its meat will easily remove from the pan and flip it to another side. Continue to sear steak meat repeatedly and wait it released easily when the steak has seared well.

After the seared meat well, transfer to a plate and ready to do another session if you have the next meat to sear.


At last, whether you invest in the seared gas grill feature or not, the best thing to deliver as restaurant steak is the technique when searing the steak.

Although has a gas grill with the sear station will make your cooking easier. You can grill your meat relatively quick so your guests will not hunger waiting for their dishes cooked. It gives you lovely sear marks in your meat.

Buy a gas grill that gives you the best feature and evenly heat. All of the 5 grills above is great for searing steaks with the pros and cons. But in our opinion, we like Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 best. It has very large cooking surface area, so you can cook many food at once.

Our second option is Weber Summit S670. Although it only has half of cooking surface area compared with Prestige Pro 665, but S670 has option to buy propane or natural gas grill. Summit S670 also has very high power which is 97 BTU/ square inch because it has 6 burners.

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