Best Gas Grill for Pontoon Boat

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best gas grill for pontoon boat

Boating and fishing with a pontoon boat will become even more fun when equipped with a gas grill. Imagine you and your friends are fishing and directly cooking fresh fish from the bait. Fish that is certainly very fresh, tasteful grilled fish will fill a hungry stomach.

The combination of boating, fishing and grilling is a combination of amazingly fun activities to spend time with friends and family. The experience is certainly incomparable.

The best gas grill for pontoon boat is a gas grill which should certainly portable, but also has a cooking surface that is sufficient for cooking at the same time for several people, easy to ignite, and has high quality stainless steel so it is not easy to rust, has grease trap.

List of Best Gas Grills for Pontoon Boat

1. Weber Q1200 – Best Sturdy

With dimensions that are not large -Lid and open table (inches) -24.6 H x 40.9 W x 20.5 D. Lid and closed table (inches) -15.5 H x 40.9 W x 16 , 5 D, it has enough features to make it the best gas grill choice. Check out the pros and cons.


  • This gas grill has 1 stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU per hour to heat a total cooking area of ​​189 inches. With the power like this, it will be enough to heat the cooking surface quite fast.
  • Cooking grates are made of enameled porcelain cast iron. The lid and body of grill are made of cast aluminum. This material will make the Weber Q1200 resistant to weather, heat and humidity so that it does not rust easily.
  • The grill is equipped with an easy-to-start electronic ignition and burner control valve settings.
  • It also has a lid thermometer that makes it easy to set the cooking temperature especially when the lid is closed.
  • Weber Q1200 is easily assembled.


  • Some people have problem with the regulator.
  • Q1200 does not come with brackets. Brackets can be purchased separately.

Weber Q1200 Pontoon Boat Gas Grill
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2. Magma Marine Kettle A10-205 – Best Windproof

The Magma marine kettle A10-205 is a favorite gas grill for many people to put on their pontoon boat. Look at the advantages so you will understand why many people like it. Also don’t forget to look at the disadvantages before you buy it.


  • Good design, economical, without sacrificing function.
  • Magma Marine Kettle A10-205 has polished stainless steel so it doesn’t rust easily.
  • It has a grease trap pan that is easy to clean.
  • Its rotating lid functions as windproof and the control valve virtually eliminates blowouts.
  • Fuel valve is placed in a safe and comfortable place to reach.
  • Easy to install because it comes without the need to assemble.
  • It has stay-cooled handle.


  • The grease trap pan is too small so that it can result in drip out of the gas grill.
  • The stainless steel material is thin and can rust.
  • Uneven heat distribution.
  • Mounts are sold separately.
  • Small cooking area. The diameter of the cooking grill is only 13 inches. But perfect for two people.

Magma Marine Kettle A10-205 Pontoon Boat Gas Grill
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3. Cuisinart CGG 180T Petit – Best Overall

The Cuisinart brand is certainly well-known. And the Cuisinart CGG 180T Petit is undoubtedly our favorite gas grill because besides it has good design, it also has quality material and is also very portable.

CGG 180T Petit originally did not have a bracket to be attached to the boat. But not to worry because we prepared an option that has been equipped with its bracket.


  • CGG-180T Petit is a portable gas grill with a cooking surface of 145 square inches. With that much area can cook for 2 people at once.
  • With folding legs, it saves you a lot of storage space.
  • Even though it’s called Petit, don’t be fooled because the CGG-180T can cook four pounds of fish, eight burgers, six to ten chicken breasts, or eight small pieces of steak.
  • Although small, this gas grill has a powerful 5500 BTU stainless steel burner.
  • It also has porcelain-enameled heating grates which is weather resistant and rust resistant.
  • The integrated lid lock keeps the lid close and remains safe when the gas grill is moved.
  • This gas grill has aluminum legs and stabilizing feet that can be adjusted in seconds.
  • The bracket uses 7 GA 304 Stainless Steel material which is resistant to corrosive agents such as corrosion due to chemical and marine environment.
  • The brackets are pre-installed and are very easy to install on your boat.


  • There are almost no complaints about this gas grill. But there are few users who complain that the grease trap pan is too small so that the grease drips spills out of the grill.

Cuisinart CGG 180T Petit Pontoon Boat Gas Grill
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How Do You Grill On a Pontoon Boat?

Although the grilling activities on the boat are very enjoyable, of course there are a number of things that should be a concern for how to grill on it.

  • • First make sure that the ship is tied or anchored. If the ship moves, it will be dangerous for people who are grilling and those around them. Most unlucky too if food spills when the ship is rocking because of the waves.
  • Be careful putting the grill. Do not get too close to flammable objects such as ship materials or ship fuel.
  • Check the liquid propane connection before lighting the fire.
  • Do not leave the gas grill on, unattended. Turn off the heat immediately when finished grilling.
  • Make sure the gas grill cools down before you release the anchor or the ship’s ties.


Boating, fishing and grill activities are very fun activities. Or you can also invite friends to party on the boat, of course the party will not be complete without grilling.

Choosing the best gas grill for the pontoon boat must understand what things to be considered. They have to be portable so they can be easily moved, must be bolted so they do not easily shift, must be anti-rust bearing in mind that boating involves water and direct sunlight which speeds up rust and it better has a grease trap to keep the boat clean.

If you want sturdy design of gas grill, choose Weber Q1200. If you want windproof gas grill, then choose Magma Marine Kettle A10-205. Our top pick is Cuisinart CGG 180T Petit Gas Grill. It comes with the brackets, it need no assembling, it is easy to clean, it has porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, it made of rust resistance materials, it small and portable yet has enough power.

Don’t forget that to grill while boating must also prioritize safety with the tips we have shared above.

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