Best Gas Grill for Outdoor Kitchen

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best gas grill for outdoor kitchen

If you are a person who likes to relax in an outdoor environment, cooking and gathering with family, then the best gas grill for outdoor kitchen is something you must have.

You certainly don’t just want to spend money on a new gas grill, but this it also should be able to make your grilling activity more enjoyable.

With so many choices on the gas grill on the market, it will certainly make you confused. Are you looking for a great gas grill that suits your budget? Don’t worry, we have done in-depth research for you. Please read further our recommendations below.

List of Best Gas Grill for Outdoor Kitchen

1. Weber Genesis II E-330 Gas Grill

The Weber brand is certainly well known to those of you who like to grill. The brand is a guarantee of quality in the world of grilling. In addition, Genesis II E-330 has a lot of features that can facilitate the grilling process so that it will feel very fun.

E 330 is available in liquid propane and natural gas models.


  • Robustness of the gas grill design has become a must. With a very sturdy material from E 330 will be an advantage.
  • With anti-rust material that is cooking grates made of porcelain-enameled cast iron, burners and workspaces made of stainless steel, this gas grill is suitable for your needs.
  • The Infinity ignition feature makes it easy to start a fire quickly.
  • The heating rack will keep dishes that have been grilled warm and delicious to eat.

Cons :

  • In principle, this gas grill is made of perfect material. Some people see that it tends to rust. However, it can very well be prevented by doing routine maintenance and cleaning. But apart from that, no major problems can be found on this item.

Weber Genesis II E-330 Gas Grill
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2. Napoleon Prestige PRO 665

Coming in at a reasonable price, the Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 offers the entirety of the top of the line highlights you’d need from a gas grill upheld by the President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty to guarantee.


  • With the construction of high quality stainless steel material, it will be able to make the gas grill resistant to rust and weather. Therefore the gas grill is suitable for outdoor environments.
  • The design is very aesthetic and luxurious. Of course this can complement the luxury of your kitchen.
  • The main cooking surface is 1140 square inches. With a very large size, it can allow you to cook many foods at once at a time.
  • With a total heat power of 88000 BTU from the 5 main burners and side burners, it will produce enough heat for all food at once.
  • Instant-Jet ignition can make starting a fire easier.
  • The gas grill will give you the total grilling experience including a cutting board, a marinade bucket, and an ice pail.


  • It costs a considerable amount of cash. Although many people say that the quality is commensurate with the price.

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665
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3. Weber Summit E 470 Gas Grill

This Weber Summit E 470 is a gas grill that will thoroughly take care of you. It has different cooking alternatives, amazing execution, and sensibly valued for an exceptional barbecue.


  • It has many features. With 4 burners that have a very large power that is 48800 BTU and 104 per btu per square inch, of course it will cook your food very quickly.
  • This grill has very complete features. You just mention snap-jet ignition, warming rack, two side shelves, flavorizer bar, side burner, rotiserrie, searing station, smoker box, infared.
  • The lid thermometer will make it convenient and easy to measure the temperature when the lid is closed. Thus making sure the food is grilled to perfection.
  • Solid guarantee and service from Weber


  • When it rains, the drip pan fills up quickly with water. The solution is you can buy a grill cover so that the grill is more durable.

Weber Summit E 470 Gas Grill
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4. Weber Summit S 670 Gas Grill

This Summit gas grill is completely stacked with every feature you can consider. The six main burners are enhanced with a side burner, infrared rotisserie burner, a smoker box and a searing station. S 670 is available in 2 choices, natural gas and liquid propane.


  • High heat from 6 hardened steel main burners.
  • An ultra-full capacity gas grill with a smoker box, side burner, rotisserie, and a searing station.
  • High-quality materials include stainless steel workspaces, porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, stainless steel burners.
  • Solid Warranty and service from Weber


  • Without proper maintenance, stainless steel can rust in salt air conditions.
  • Price tag is quite high.

Weber Summit S 670
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5. Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 Grill

No doubt Napoleon is one of the few brands that promise quality in the grill world. One of Napoleon’s flagship models is the Prestige Pro 500. In this serious gas grill, you can find many features in one place.


  • Besides being sturdy, this gas grill has a beautiful, modern and luxurious design so you can boast of it to your colleagues, relatives, neighbors.
  • The Napoleon flame broils Prestige Pro 500 features the latest features that a common gas grill does not have. Say, you can grill with infrared burners and LED lights to ensure that the results are great.
  • All the highlights are additionally successful enough to create a tasty and lovely grill menu.


  • Some people complained about the difficulty of assembling this grill.
  • The knobs are of poor quality. When used in windy weather, the knobs become hot and melt.

Napoleon PRO500RSIBPSS-3 Prestige PRO 500 Grill
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Of all gas grills for outdoor kitchens, surely they have to meet the requirements of a great material withstands the weather, elegant and beautiful design.

With so many choices of gas grill in the market, we have reviewed the 5 top gas grill so you don’t have to be confused anymore.

Of course all have both their pros and cons. You can choose based on your own needs and budget. Even so, in our opinion Weber E 470 is the top choice because with this price it can have a grill with so many features.

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