Best Gas Grill for Large Family

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best gas grill for large family

Finding the best gas grill for large family might sound like a difficult task. However, we are here to give you a solution for that.

A great grill allows you and your family to bond over delicious burgers. But if you have a big family, a small grill might not be appropriate
There are so many great gas grills out there that might be suitable for your needs. In this article, we are going to review some of those gas grills.

How Big of a Gas Grill Do I Need?

The first question that you need to ask before getting yourself a gas grill is: how big should your gas grill be?

Well, the answer to that is quite simple.
Some calculations need to be made in order to decide how big of a gas grill that you need. It all depends on the total amount of cooking area that your family needs.

To be able to feed one person, you will need around 100 square inches of cooking area.
Let’s say that you have a family that consists of 5 to 6 family members. Therefore, you need a gas grill that has at least 500 square inches of cooking area.

List of Gas Grills for A Large Family

Now that you know how big your gas grill needs to be, let’s discuss some of the best gas grills that you can get for your family. Here are some great gas grills in the market right now, along with their pros and cons.

1. Weber Genesis II E-330

The Weber Genesis II E-330 gas grill comes in two models, one for liquid propane and one for natural gas. It also has a large cooking capacity, which is around 669 square inches.

This gas grill has several features such as tool hooks, a stylish sear station, stainless steel flavorizer bars that will distribute the heat from the burner evenly.

It also has side burner, a great cleaning system, and a porcelain-enameled lid that allows you to enhance the flavor of your food by letting the smoke circulate in the grill.


  • Fuel-efficient
  • Very easy to clean


  • Takes longer to pre-heat

Weber Genesis II E-330
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2. Weber Summit S-670

The Weber Summit S-670 gas grill also comes in the liquid propane model and the natural gas model. There are several features that this gas grill has such as the fact that it has 624 square inches of cooking area, a side and rear burner, and also a sear burner.

Other than the features mentioned above, this large gas grill also has a smoker box that allows you to add more flavor to your food. The lights installed in the control knobs of this grill enables you to cook, even in the darkest places.


  • Quick pre-heating time
  • Has a smoker box to add flavor


  • Quite expensive price

Weber Summit S-670
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3. Napoleon Prestige PRO 500

The Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 offers a lot of features such as dual-level stainless steel sear plates, a temperature gauge, an instant ignition system, built-in illuminations and a lid that is really easy to lift.

This gas grill is quite large, with a cooking area of 497 square inches. It allows you to cook approximately 31 burgers at a time.

The Napoleon PRO 500 has four burners which are all made of stainless steel. Those four burners include the rotisserie burner, side burner, back burner, and the grill burner.

An interesting feature of this grill is the fact that it has an integrated ice bucket, allowing you to store some cool beverages that go with your food.


  • An integrated ice bucket to store cool beverages
  • It has four stainless steel burners
  • Built-in illuminations


  • Expensive price

Napoleon Prestige PRO 500
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4. Napoleon Prestige PRO 665

The next grill that we are going to review is the Napoleon Prestige PRO 665. This gas grill is a high-end grill with a high-quality built that has a 666 square inches of cooking area, allowing you to cook 41 burgers at once.

It has several stainless-steel burners, including a side burner, a rotisserie burner, and a grill burner.

There are several interesting features that the Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 has such as an integrated wood chip smoker drawer, an integrated ice bucket, and integrated internal lighting in the storage cabinet, control knobs, and on the inside of the lid.


  • Integrated smoker drawer to add flavor
  • Has internal lightings
  • Has an integrated ice bucket to store beverages


  • Very expensive price
  • Not very fuel-efficient

Napoleon Prestige PRO 665
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5. Weber Summit E-470

The last gas grill on our list is the Weber Summit E-470. This gas grill has a 468 square inches of cooking area.

It also has several other useful features such as a side burner, a rotisserie burner, a smoker box, and a stainless-steel side table for you to use.

Like any other great grill, the Weber Summit E-470 also has integrated lighting in the control knobs, allowing you to cook when it is dark. It also has a built-in thermometer so you can monitor the temperature in your grill at all times.


  • Has a smoker box.
  • Has a side table.


  • Has integrated lighting control knob.

Weber Summit E-470
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Having a barbeque party with your large family is going to be fun with the help of the right gas grill.

If you are looking for a fuel-efficient gas grill that is also very easy to clean, then the Weber Genesis II E-330 is the best grill for you. If you are looking for a gas grill that has a quick pre-heating time, the Weber Summit S 670 will definitely do the job.

Both the Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 and 665 are perfect if you are looking for large grills that have large storage spaces.

Lastly, the Weber Summit E-470 might be the best choice, if you want a large grill that also has a side table. All you need to do is weigh between the pros and the cons of these products to find the best gas grill for large family.

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