Best Gas Grill for Family of 4

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best gas grill for family of 4

If you have family member of 4, then you will need to have the best gas grill for that suits your needs. One day you will need to place a gas grill in the middle of your backyard as needed on several celebratory days such as thanksgiving or barbecuing in the summer with your family.

What Size Grill Do I Need for Family of 4?

Ideally, the size needed for a cooking area to be used for this is 400 square inches. This is based on the minimum size of a cooking area, with a calculation where every 100 inches is used for the needs of 1 person.

So, if you have 4 family members, then size of the surface cooking area of 400 square inches (or by calculation of 68 cm x 38 cm) is the ideal size.
Depending on the size of the gas grill you use, you can get a cooking area of 400 inches to 500 inches.

List of Best Gas Grill for Family of 4

If you want a recommendation for the best gas grill, there are 2 gas grilles that you might consider buying. The gas grills are Weber Spirit E-330 and Weber Genesis II E-210. Both of these gas grills are very suitable to meet your needs in grills activities such as cooking burgers, chicken breasts, or whatever you like.

1. Weber Spirit E330

Weber Spirit E330 is very well suited for the needs of serving meals from 4 to 5 people. With the main cooking area of 424 inches , this is more than enough for 4 people. For the overall cooking area size, actually, Spirit E330 has an area of 529 inches.


  • The cooking area that is large enough so that it can serve a lot of food for the crowd. It has 2 side tables on the left and right that can be used for ingredients and cooking utensils used.
  • Equipped with a powerful GS4 roasting system and the capability of the iGrill feature, makes you really ready to do BBQ cooking.


However, from all these advantages, you also need to know the weaknesses of the Weber Spirit E330 as well.

  • The product of Weber Spirit E330 is unfortunately priced quite high, so you will be forced to spend more money just to buy it, not to mention you have to buy some additional accessories that are sold separately.
  • The left and right sides of the grill, although very useful, but when stored are quite troublesome. This is because the two sides cannot be folded so that it will take up more storage space.
  • In addition, the thermometer on the cover has a less precise accuracy. So you need to have your own digital thermometer.

Weber Spirit E330
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2. Weber Genesis II E-210 (available in natural gas and liquid propane model)

Weber Genesis II E-210 is also a gas grill product that is suitable for you to choose for the needs of a family that is not so many people in it. This gas grill can do the grilling work assigned to him serving food up to 4 people.

This Weber Genesis II E-210 gas grill is perfect for those of you who need a grill but don’t have enough space and not too many or even a few people.

Weber Genesis II E-210 can meet your basic needs for a gas grill such as the area of cooking to reach 494 inches. However, the main area for cooking is only 380 inches.


  • This gas grill can produce heat very consistent in any area, regardless of its position.
  • In addition, this gas grill can also create grill heat up to 500 degrees in just 10 minutes.


  • It is not very portable if you want to be brought or moved.
  • Genesis E210 requires an initial installation process that is quite troublesome.

Weber Genesis II E-210
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Weber Spirit E-330 and Weber Genesis II E-210 are perfect for your needs in choosing the best gas grill for a family member of 4 people.

Spirit E-330 could be the best choice, if your house has enough storage space to store it later. Besides its size which is quite bigger than Weber Genesis II E-210.

Weber Spirit E-330 is also very suitable if you often use it for certain day celebrations such as thanksgiving held in your home when your family and relatives and friends roll in.

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