Best Gas Grill for Beach House

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best gas grill for beach house

What is the Best Gas Grill for Beach House? The gas grill can be rust easily as it located near to the coast. The best gas grill for this situation is the one that resistant to corrosion.

You should choose the one that made from stainless steel, have super corrosion coating protection, and have proper coverage when it is not in use. Using gas grill near beach also means you need to locate it out of the direct salt spray and always clean with fresh water occasionally.

There are many options for gas grills that can meet with the coastal environment.

List of Best Gas Grill for Beach House

1. Weber Spirit E330 – Best Overall

Featured with infinity ignitions, porcelain-enameled, and cast iron cooking grates.

Weber Spirit E330
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2. Weber Q1000 – Best Budget Gas Grill

The sturdy construction made from durable cast aluminum and corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for beach gas grill. This is the portable gas grill that the main feature makes it easy to use for camping and RV trips. This also designed to use for patio or yard party.


  • From the design, it is sleek with porcelain enamel cook grates and cast iron material for body and aluminum lid that adds strength to the grill.
  • Portability, it can be stored in RV due to the compact size. Designed with 2 carry handles it makes carrying the grill quite hassle-free.
  • Ease of use.
  • The product can use with a tabletop grill or grill cart.
  • Weber Q1000 has a single grate and grease tray makes the clean job easier.
  • It is nice to cook a small item.


  • Some customers say that the grill does not spread the hot evenly.
  • It takes time to heat and unable to cook ribs.

Weber Q1000
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3. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit – Best Portable Gas Grill

This is a compact gas grill that also perfects enough as a portable gas grill.


  • It has an outstanding look and easy to use and convenient to store.
  • This product delivers even heating and enamel grate.
  • The item also enables for the tabletop grill or freestanding.
  • This item it is low cost.
  • It featured with powerful BTU output and also setting up options that versatile.


  • It has small grilling space that makes you need to cut the steak smaller or into bite-sized.

Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit
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4. Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner – Best Performance Gas Grill

This is the attractively gas grill with sleek two-tone stainless and black surfaces.


  • The classic look for backyard grilling and design with 2 gas control knob in the control panel with the igniter button makes it perfect for the beginner or casual griller.
  • The item has provides with a lot of accessories and add-on that will make the product work in the highest performance.


  • The built lid thermometer and LPG tanks take up most of the volume from the cabinet.

Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner
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5. Weber Q2200 – Best Compact Gas Grill

One more option products from Weber with Weber Q 2000. It is an upgrade version from Q200 and featured with fun and functional features.


  • This grill has portable and compact design.
  • Weber Q 2200 is easy to use and easy to clean.
  • The electric ignition makes it easy to start.
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grates offer protection to the grill.


  • It has no thermometer.
  • The grill needs a solid cart or tabletop.

Weber Q2200
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6. Weber Genesis II E-330 – Best Natural Gas Grill

This is the series of next Weber Genesis that offers different configurations to features that you need.


  • It has solid construction and sear burner that deliver high-temperature capacity.


  • Low grades of material stainless steel
  • The grill also has slower preheated times.

Weber Genesis II E-330
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7. Weber Summit S 670 – The Most Luxurious Gas Grill

Weber Summit S 670 is perfect for you who take seriously on grilling. It has a great tool for cooking chicken and steak.


  • The capability to spread the heat evenly.
  • Don’t flare any smoke and fire
  • An indicator for gas level and electronic push-button ignition.
  • The product also featured with big enough lid handle.
  • Easy access to grease drainage.
  • The item also comes with powerful convenience include warming rack, built-in thermometer, and bottom grill storage.


  • This product do not feature with condiment shelves.
  • The price is very expensive.

Weber Summit S 670
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8. Weber Summit E 470 Gas Grill – the Most Powerful Gas Grill

The Webber Summit E 470 has awesome features as the series means for the upgraded from the Summit series. The product comes with great smart features that effective and easy to use.


  • The Summit E 470 featured with built- motored rotisserie.
  • The rotisserie can be stored down into the side shelf when it is not in use.


  • It is heavy and needs two people to lift the pre-built.

Weber Summit E 470
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9. Weber Genesis II E 210

This is the first entry-level of Webber Genesis Gas Grills with 2 main burner grills. It is considered as cheaper than other Genesis series.


  • It has solid construction and side table that build for a smaller footprint.


  • It made from lower grade stainless steel and there are no extra features.

Weber Genesis II E 210
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10. Weber Genesis ii E 310

This is an item that considers people who need middle gas grills. It has enough size as big family gathering grills.

It considerable affordable for people who don’t want to spend an extra money for 4 burner grills.


  • It has plenty of space.
  • The 3 main burner grills can deliver 37.000 BTU that makes it enough for those who serious in searing and grilling.

Weber Genesis II E 310
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Things that are needed to protect gas grill from corrosion and rust :

With the extreme environment in coastal, then it is important for protecting the gas grill from rust and corrosion.

Buy high-quality grill that made from a ceramic grill or stainless steel. Depend on the type of grill that you buy; this is the investment before you get the new one. It depends on the material and how it is used and builds.

Use grill in beach house will need extra protection from rust. Buy porcelain enamel cooking grates, cast-iron cooking grates and stainless steel burner is things that you need to consider when buying new gas grill.

Always keep the grill clean by removing the food remains and ash using the brush to clean the grates. Wipe with water off the grill so it will dry. Ensure to dry well the grill because the water inside in grill causes high risk for occurring rust.

Rub the grates with oil after cooking in the grill. It is obligatory to preserve the use of cast iron grates. You also can rub the steel grates with oil. If the grill coated with porcelain it effectively protects the grill from rust. Keep the grill with grill cover when it is not in use.


After read for the recommended gas grill that resists to the coastal environment, then the best thing that needs first to do is choose the one that will not be affected by the causes of corrosion and rust to the grill.

Buy your gas grill based on quality. Don’t sacrifice your grill just because you want to save money, get extra to get good quality one.

Clean regularly and use grill cover when it is not in use. With proper tips to protect your gas grill. Stainless steel is the most recommended and best gas grill material you need to buy.

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