Best Freestanding Natural Gas Grills

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best free standing gas grill

A grill is an important tool when you love to gather with your friends in the backyard. The outdoor party seems incomplete without steaks, ribs, or burgers. That’s why you need the best grill to cook those ingredients perfectly.

Moreover, you also need to consider the size of the grill. If you often invite a lot of guests, you may use a large grill to cook massive amounts of ingredients and cook them at once.

Just check the list of the best gas grills below for those who need a new grill machine. The natural gas grill has a lot of benefits than the traditional one.

You can learn the benefits by reading the detail of the products below. Read the details carefully and get your most favorite one before the next garden party.

List of Best Freestanding Natural Gas Grills :

1. Weber Spirit E330

This gas grill is a good option if you need to cook in a big cooking surface area.

It has several features that make the gas grill works well to cook your favorite ingredients. You are about to cook in a 529 square inches space along with a solid material. The heat spread to the grilling surface smoothly because of the new Gs4 grilling system with three burners.

The product is using stainless steel tubes that deliver heat faster. After 10 minutes, you are ready to cook steaks, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken breasts, and many more.

When the menu is ready, you can just put them on the side tables. It is okay to grill a lot of ingredients because there is a table on both sides.

Plus, both of the tables have hooks to hang a variety of tools you need while grilling such as pans, spatulas, knives, and many more. You can also set this grilling machine as a warming rack to keep the food warm longer before serving.

Weber Spirit E330
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  • The wheels make the machine easy to move
  • It contains a built-in thermometer to control the heat.
  • The larger cooking area helps to cook a lot of ingredients once.


  • The size is too large.
  • The price is expensive for some people.

2. Weber 65010001 Genesis II E-210 Natural Gas Grill

This is also a recommended gas grill due to its high-quality materials. The great performance is coming from the two stainless steel burners.

This product is also supported by a GS4 technology and improved in several vital elements such as a better grease management system, Flavorizer bars, burners, and ignition.

This feature gives up to 380 square inches cooking area and grill all types of ingredients smoothly in high-quality stainless steel burners. The Flavorizer bars are also made from stainless steel and coated with porcelain. The product has a grate made from iron and also coated with porcelain.

You can grill fishes and shrimps and get a perfect shear mark. There are also additional features such as side tables, tool hooks, and a warming rack to make the grilling process easier.

The open cart model provides you with a more spacious area to put some of the grilling tools. You will have a 45 x 47 x 29 inches machine that easy to move because of the wheels.


  • The parts are easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • The grates are excellent, especially to create a sear mark


  • The dimension is big so it won’t be fit for all types of areas
  • The shelf is thin so it looks flimsy and easily gets a dent on it.

Weber 65010001 Genesis II E-210 Natural Gas Grill
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3. Weber Genesis II E-330 66012001 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II E-330 is another best option for grilled menu lovers. It has around 637 square inches of cooking surface.

This Weber grilling machine has 5 burners and it is a powerful grilling machine. Just like other products above, Weber Genesis II E-330 also has a GS4 technology for a better grilling process and maximal result.

This is a perfect grill for BBQ due to its specifications. The heat spread to the grilling surface smoothly because of the porcelain cooking grates along with the help of the porcelain lid retain heat.

Interestingly, you can simmer BBQ sauce or saute some vegetables in the side burner.

Seeing sear marks on fishes, ribs, and meats is great because it looks beautiful and increases your appetite. Weber is designed this grilling machine with the sear station so you can create sear marks easier and perfect just like a professional griller.

The best part is the use app where you can check the temperature by using your mobile device.

The storage is also large enough where you can store food or toast while keeping them warm. Furthermore, you can also put the most important grilling tools on the open cart area and take it easily whenever you need them.


  • It is great for steak lovers.
  • The separate sear section gives a professional result.
  • Cook sauces or sides once at the grilling machine.


• The size is big so you can’t move it in all types of areas.

Weber Genesis II E-330 66012001 Gas Grill
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4. Weber Summit 7470001 S 670 Natural Gas Grill

This is a great option for those who need a powerful grill. This grill has the most number of burners than the references above. It is a powerful grill because you are about to grill your favorite ingredients in a machine with 10 burners.

Moreover, the grilling space is also the largest in which you can grill a massive amount of ingredients in the 693 square inches surface.

You can easily put the ingredients in the large warming rack so you can keep them warm before serving them. Besides using stainless steel, this product is also using aluminum, especially on the cook box.

People will be interested in the Flavorizer bar system. This system helps to keep the flavor of the food by keeping the drips from the smoke and sizzle during the grilling process.

Even, you can control the heat based on your needs. You can also spread out the heat if you have to cook a lot of ingredients at the same time, especially for a big number of guests.


  • It is a multifunction grilling machine with a smoker box, side burners, rotisseries, and sear burner.
  • The construction is solid along with a stainless steel finish.
  • Great for grilling with high heat.


  • It seems that the handle light doesn’t work well.

Weber Summit 7470001 S 670 Natural Gas Grill
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The thing you have to understand before using Weber freestanding natural gas grills is that the design of your patio or deck. Just make sure that the patio and deck are supported by natural gas grill installation.

The best part of those grills is on its sturdy and durable surface and high-quality features that make you can cook a variety of grilled food just like a pro whether for a big gathering or private BBQ party with your beloved family.

You can show to them how expert you to create perfect sear marks on fishes, ribs, chicken breasts, or meats. Even, you can serve delicious grilled menu to the guests because the system helps you to grill the ingredients with perfect heat temperature.

From the references above, Weber Summit S 670 can be the best option. It has everything you need to produce delicious and perfect grilled food for massive guests.

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